21 Awesome DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Are Gender Neutral

Looking for baby shower gift ideas that will work whether the baby is a boy or a girl? Maybe the host is designing a gender neutral nursery. Maybe they’re having twins, one boy, one girl. Maybe you want to give a gift that can be used for future babies. Maybe you just want to start […]

Elementary Sewing Skills Book Review

Elementary Sewing Skills by Carolyn N K Denham My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is a must-have resource for any budding sewer. I am in the process of learning how to use my sewing machine, past the very basics of straight hemming. This guide has drawn diagrams for everything you could want to do, […]

9 DIY Summer Fun Shorts

Summer is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t really have the cash to buy lots of wardrobe updates at the moment. Plus, everyone loves a fun DIY and/or upcycle project, right!? Well here are 9 fun summer DIY shorts projects! (a few of these you will need a […]

Sew It or Glue It?

A Pair & A Spare has an awesome guide on when you should use glue versus when you should sew. It goes into a lot of detail and takes into consideration things such as your sewing skills, fabric types, etc. Check it out!

5 Minute Easy No-Sew Arm Warmers From Socks {diy}

I haven’t finished shopping for the holiday season yet, but I don’t have that many winter tops that fit yet. And I absolutely hate being cold. I have poor circulation, so my fingers and toes are constantly cold. I was knitting the other day and it was frigid in the house. I was in a […]

How to Make an Owl Costume Out of a Pillow Case

Make your own owl costume from a pillow case and scrap fabric. Tres cool!