5 Minute Easy No-Sew Arm Warmers From Socks {diy}

I haven’t finished shopping for the holiday season yet, but I don’t have that many winter tops that fit yet. And I absolutely hate being cold. I have poor circulation, so my fingers and toes are constantly cold. I was knitting the other day and it was frigid in the house. I was in a T shirt, and was tempted to give up knitting (oh dear!) and just put my arms under the blanket. Instead, I decided to create a super easy pair of arm warmers from a new pair of knee high socks I got at the dollar store. Can’t beat that… no sew arm warmers for $1!?


Knee high socks

Fabric scissors or rotary cutter and cutting board

No Fray or Liquid Stitch (not shown)

 All I did was cut the sock off right before the heel. Then I tried on the socks and judged where the thumb would come out. I cut approximately 1 inch circles from each sock for my thumb. Depending on the material you use, you can seal the ends with No Fray Spray, Liquid Stitch glue or via a flame. I went the No Fray route. I like how they roll at the ends!

PS – I party here!


  1. Vicki @ Fine Frugality says:

    Well now, isn’t that just the trickiest thing!

  2. Dianna Creel says:

    I made one of these for my daughter to wear over her cast! It was rainy & we didn’t want it to get wet, again. Thanks for the great idea!!

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