Simple Hacks To Make Life At Home Much Easier


Life when you have a career and kids can be really hectic. I love being busy but there are days when I just need five minutes to put my feet up and find my breath! Over the years, as I’ve taken on more responsibilities, I’ve been looking for ways to make home life easier. I […]

Decorating for Less with Easy Online Shopping

When you move into a new home, you are eager to get it set up so that it is comfortable and inviting. One of the key ways that people get their homes ready for their families and for guests is by purchasing new furniture for each bedroom in the house. Your home’s bedrooms signal to […]

How To Remove Nasty Pollen Stains From Your Carpet

Spring has sprung, and one of the tell tale signs that this is the case is the appearance of fresh pollen stains on your rugs and carpets. While this can be an annoying and unsightly blemish on your valuable possessions, there’s no need to fly off the handle. The battle to remove pollen stains and […]

Two ingredient slow cooker shredded chicken


I was originally planning on buying a rotisserie chicken to shred, but I am flexitarian. I am easily grossed out by meat, particularly dark meat and meat on a bone. When I thought of all that dark meat that will be going to waste, I decided to give slow cooker shredded chicken a chance. I […]

How to Start Your New Year Off Right

How to Start Your New Year Off Right

Source: maf04   The festive season is often super hectic for many of us, and we can find ourselves exhausted by the new year. You need some time to relax to refresh yourself after all the chaos of the holidays. The new year should be a time for new things, so you should be able […]

5 Easy DIY Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home

5 Easy DIY Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home

What puts you off from getting more involved with DIY? For most people, it’s the worry that you will make one giant mess of your home! I was the same before I started out, but honestly: practice makes perfect.   If you don’t get started, you will never improve. So, I thought I would give […]

Copycat Wendys Taco Salad (Spend $3 Instead of $8)

$3 Wendy's Copycat Taco Salad Recipe

I made my own version of Wendy’s taco salad for $3 at home. I bought a small Wendy’s chili and put it over a bed of lettuce, then added sour cream, shredded cheese and crushed tortilla chips. These are all items we always have on hand at home, so if you don’t count the price […]

Easy Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Easy Eco Friendly Home Decor

You might remember that back in August I shared a post about how my partner and I had been working hard to make our home more eco-friendly. Since we have finished making the initial updates, I thought I would share some tips for green decorating. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that green home decor […]

Dollar Store Craft Shopping List Printable

Dollar Store Craft Shopping List Printable

One of my most popular posts is my Dollar Store Craft Shopping List. Every once in awhile I update it. I decided to make a printable shopping list so you can grab it and go! I didn’t add the notes and details, which can be found on the regular post. You can download the 8×10 […]

Get Rewarded for Your Good Karma with Amazing Karma

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine. You’ve probably heard of karma (who hasn’t?) “What goes around comes around” and “no good deed goes unpunished.” Well now Amazing Karma focuses on karma in a non-religous way. If you sign up for their pre-launch (they launch […]

Maintain Your Appliances to Save Money and Lives

How to Maintain Appliances

 There was a time in the past where people prized and valued their home appliances. They would have them for years and make sure to service and keep them in property working condition. Many of those habits have gone away but people are re discovering ways to protect and maintain their home appliances. They are […]

My Dos And Don’ts Of Home Repair

My Dos And Don'ts Of Home Repair

Any avid reader of my blog will know how much I love DIY and improving or repairing my home. But even I have to draw the line somewhere. There are some home repairs you really should leave to the professionals. Others you can, of course, try yourself. Generally speaking, the ones you shouldn’t even try […]

Here’s What I’d Do To My Home If I Lived Off The Grid

Here's What I'd Do To My Home If I Lived Off The Grid

Most of us rely on utility companies to supply energy to our homes. We also depend on other people to produce and package food for our daily consumption. While that’s all convenient, I can’t help but wonder if many of us know what to do if we had to live “off the grid.”   I […]

Laying A Deck Yourself? Here’s A Few Essential Pointers

Laying A Deck Yourself- Here’s A Few Essential Pointers

Source:   The garden is a wonderful place for spending time with friends and family. However, the autumn weather can leave grass areas out of bounds. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the outdoor parts of your home, though. One of the easiest ways to overcome this issue is by building a patio or deck. […]

Interior Design Tips My Family Utilised This Year

Interior Design Tips My Family Utilised This Year

I’d like to fill you in on how I made the interior of my home look fantastic this summer. Before starting work, I spent a long time reading articles online and looking for ideas. You should do the same thing if you want to achieve good results. During that process, I found a list of […]

Check Out This Useful Guide For Home Maintenance

Check Out This Useful Guide For Home Maintenance

When you’re a homeowner, it’s important to have a home budget each year. This helps you to keep on top of those essential home improvements and maintenance requirements. Nothing lasts forever, and your home will need constant attention to stay in tip-top shape. It can be hard to keep on top of everything but if […]

8 Essential Tools That Every Proud DIYer Should Own

8 Essential Tools That Every Proud DIYer Should Own

Regular readers of my blog know that I’m no stranger to a little DIY. I must confess, I’m a little more at home DIYing a new bean bag rather than fixing the plumbing. But, I’m still pretty handy when it comes to the bigger jobs! One of the things that gives me the confidence to […]

3 Home Issues That Require Professional Help

3 Home Issues That Require Professional Help

Source:   Every home requires a little renovation and modernisation from time to time. Most homeowners try to complete these tasks in a cost-effective manner. In many cases, that means a spot of DIY.   There are several jobs that can be successfully completed by a handy DIY enthusiast. However, there are a number of […]

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror Do you have a bathroom that needs sprucing up? You’ve already painted or wallpapered but something is still missing. Your mirror styling, or lack thereof, may be the problem. Give your bathroom the style you crave and the finished look you’ve dreamed about by framing it to your liking. […]

Broccoli Salad with Grapes and Walnuts Recipe

Broccoli Salad with Walnuts and Grapes {recipe}

              Raw broccoli boasts many superfood benefits including cancer prevention, immune support and increased bone health. I made this recipe using grape vinegar I was lucky enough to receive from Vom Fass for testing purposes! I believe the grape vinegar made a huge difference in highlighting the subtle flavors […]