Advantages of Cooking With Visual Recipes

The traditional method of using step-by-step written instructions from a cookbook or an age-old recipe that has been passed down through family generations are a thing of the past. Today, cooking pubishers are opting for more fun and creative ways to demontrate recipes. Many modern cookbooks include more pictures and simple instructions. Video pubishers utilize […]

Tips, Tricks And Tasks That Will Make Your House Sell Faster


When it comes to selling your home, there is a lot to think about. From legal requirements to paperwork to removal vans, it can be a stressful time, to say the least.   For this reason, you should be looking for any ways that you can make the process easier. So, hiring a removal van […]

Easy Styling Tips To Refresh Your Home Decor

Easy Styling Tips To Refresh Your Home Decor

Restyling a room doesn’t mean having to hire an interior designer or cost a fortune. There are a few simple steps you can take to make it feel like a totally different room. Image Source   Empty the Room Start off by clearing everything away so you can see the room empty again. It’s easier […]

Prioritizing Home Renovation Projects: What Should You Tackle First?

Prioritizing Home Renovation Projects What Should You Tackle First

[Image Source]   Maintaining a home is a never-ending task. There is always something that could be improved or that needs fixing. At times, it feels like there’s so much to do, you don’t know where to start. Follow our simple tips to prioritize the work.   Make A List   Make a comprehensive list […]

The Most Important Things to Consider During Divorce


I’d like all the articles I write to be insanely enjoyable. But how can one write a truly enjoyable article about divorce? It’s not like it’s something any of us ever want to go through. But sometimes it’s necessary, so such articles become necessary, too. Here are the things you need to keep in mind […]

4 Ways to Help Your Teen Driver Save Money

When your teenager first starts driving, it is a time filled with exhilaration and joy for him or her and of mingled worry and pride for you. However, whether your teen is driving the family car or has purchased his or her own used vehicle to get around, it can be a drain on the […]

Need Some Help Staying Organized? Here Are Some Hacks You Can Use

It’s time for you to get your home organized and yet, everywhere you look all you see is clutter. There is no need for you to feel overwhelmed. Simply use the suggestions below to get your home in order. Makeup Organization – Got a ton of makeup all over the place? Gather them up and […]

My Guide To A Great Home Extension

My Guide To A Great Home Extension

I love the idea of extending my home. What’s not to love? Rather than moving to a bigger property, you’ll be able to improve the one that you already own. This means that you can avoid all the tension and stress that we associate with moving home. Instead, you just need to think about how […]

You Just Rest: Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

  A recent study that sampled 210 healthy men and women of middle age has found that poor sleep for women is associated strongly with greater levels of distress as well as feelings of anger, hostility, and depression. This is groundbreaking research on a few levels. At a glance, it’s easy to assume that men […]

Essential Numbers You Should Always Keep On Your Phone!

Essential Numbers You Should Always Keep On Your Phone!

  Image Source   When we get a new phone, we are so excited about showing it off. And a lot of the time, the provider can move all of our details over so we can still keep all those important numbers. However, they can’t always do this for you. This means we don’t get […]

AC Broken? 6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

AC Broken? 6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Cool   If your air conditioning isn’t working well, or it completely went out, you might be waiting days or even weeks to get it repaired, especially if it’s during peak summer months. Waiting for a repair is extremely uncomfortable when your home feels like an […]

Damage You May Be Doing To Your Home

Soft Billard Room featuring Gingerbread color hardwood floor (Sweet Memories Series-Aged Maple)

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Leather sofa: Chesterfield Cigar Vintage-ma (Mobilier actuel)
Table: Galerie du meuble classique
Table lamp: Multi-luminaire
Curtains: Zone

We all like to think we take excellent care of our homes. And it may appear that we are doing a great job at first look. Look around your home and it may appear perfectly clean and unblemished to you. But there are loads of things that most people do to their homes that causes […]

Beets BLU Key Finder and Wireless Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor Review


I received a copy of the Beets BLU Key Finder and Wireless Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Heart Rate Monitor from the Beets BLU company in exchange for an honest review. I hooked both up to my iPhone 6S.   I was really excited to try this heart monitor as I used one almost identical (except it […]

Insane Advice To Make Your House Feel Brand New Again


The thing with houses is that we tend to live in them for a long time. When you buy a house, you’ve got the vision of staying there for years, decades even. Moving into a house is fun because it’s new and everything feels fresh. However, as the years go by, your home starts to […]

Simple Hacks To Make Life At Home Much Easier


Life when you have a career and kids can be really hectic. I love being busy but there are days when I just need five minutes to put my feet up and find my breath! Over the years, as I’ve taken on more responsibilities, I’ve been looking for ways to make home life easier. I […]

Decorating for Less with Easy Online Shopping

When you move into a new home, you are eager to get it set up so that it is comfortable and inviting. One of the key ways that people get their homes ready for their families and for guests is by purchasing new furniture for each bedroom in the house. Your home’s bedrooms signal to […]

How To Remove Nasty Pollen Stains From Your Carpet

Spring has sprung, and one of the tell tale signs that this is the case is the appearance of fresh pollen stains on your rugs and carpets. While this can be an annoying and unsightly blemish on your valuable possessions, there’s no need to fly off the handle. The battle to remove pollen stains and […]

Two ingredient slow cooker shredded chicken


I was originally planning on buying a rotisserie chicken to shred, but I am flexitarian. I am easily grossed out by meat, particularly dark meat and meat on a bone. When I thought of all that dark meat that will be going to waste, I decided to give slow cooker shredded chicken a chance. I […]

How to Start Your New Year Off Right

How to Start Your New Year Off Right

Source: maf04   The festive season is often super hectic for many of us, and we can find ourselves exhausted by the new year. You need some time to relax to refresh yourself after all the chaos of the holidays. The new year should be a time for new things, so you should be able […]

5 Easy DIY Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home

5 Easy DIY Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home

What puts you off from getting more involved with DIY? For most people, it’s the worry that you will make one giant mess of your home! I was the same before I started out, but honestly: practice makes perfect.   If you don’t get started, you will never improve. So, I thought I would give […]