Property Issues Caused By Bad Weather

Property Issues Caused By Bad Weather

Bad weather can be a nightmare for everyone. It can stop you from being able to get outside, and going to work or school. It can also cause issues in your property. Here are a few issues which may occur after terrible … [Continue reading]

Making Over An Older House? Here’s Some Tips To Add Value


Buying a house that’s older and needs a lot of renovating can feel like the perfect scenario. In your mind, you think that you will spend some money on it here and there. You will so all the work and DIY yourself. The sell it and make a profit. But, it doesn’t always go as swimmingly as that. So I … [Continue reading]

4 Fresh Uses For Your Garage

4 Fresh Uses For Your Garage7

Image source   Many of us have a garage that we’re not taking full advantage of. Perhaps there is no real need to park our car inside it, or we … [Continue reading]

Four Natural Medicines That Don’t Require A Doctor’s Prescription

Four Natural Medicines That Don't Require A Doctor's Prescription

Picture Credit   Are sick of taking lots of different antibiotic and prescription pills? Try rooting around in your kitchen for some natural … [Continue reading]

How To Prepare Your Home For A Cat

How To Prepare Your Home For A Cat5

Image: Pixabay   Cats are a wonderful pet to have around the house. While they may not be as loyal or unwaveringly affectionate as dogs, they … [Continue reading]

Top 4 Spring Gardening Tips For Busy People


Spring is one of the best times of year to get your garden in order - but it is still at the bottom of the queue for busy people. When you are … [Continue reading]

Want To Increase Your Home’s Security? Here’s What To Do

Want To Increase Your Home's Security   We all want our homes to be safe and secure. If they aren’t, it will only increase the risk of intruders and burglars. … [Continue reading]

You Just Rest: Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

  A recent study that sampled 210 healthy men and women of middle age has found that poor sleep for women is associated strongly with greater … [Continue reading]

A Romantic Evening At Home For Less

A Romantic Evening At Home For Less

Image by   It can be hard to find the time for romance and date nights. Even when we have some free time, we might be low on funds or trying to … [Continue reading]

Struggling To Sleep At Night? Keep Calm And Try These Amazing Tips


Sourced picture   A good night’s sleep can sometimes feel like it’s out of reach for many of us. We all strive and hope to sleep well but often … [Continue reading]

Essential Numbers You Should Always Keep On Your Phone!

Essential Numbers You Should Always Keep On Your Phone!

  Image Source   When we get a new phone, we are so excited about showing it off. And a lot of the time, the provider can move all of … [Continue reading]

Vital Advice For Anyone Who Wants To Add A Home Extension


Credit   If you need more space for your family, most people will look towards finding a new property. However, there is an alternative if you … [Continue reading]

How I Make Sure My Home is Looked After at all Times

How I Make Sure My Home is Looked After at all Times2

Being a homeowner as well as a parent brings double the responsibility. I need to make sure my home is as safe and secure as possible. That’s why I … [Continue reading]

Moving Out? What You Need To Know Before You Go

Moving Out - What You Need To Know Before You Go

There are many reasons why you may be moving home soon. You may be a renter with a lease that has expired. Or maybe you are moving interstate for a … [Continue reading]

Household Tasks Taking Too Long? Save Hours With These Handy Hints And Tips


Do you feel like you spend all day, every day doing some kind of cleaning or chore in the home? It could be that you are going the long way around … [Continue reading]

Converting Your Loft? Things To Consider First


Loft conversions are an excellent means of creating more space and increasing the value of your home. If you’re planning to renovate your attic this … [Continue reading]

Things You Wish You’d Known Before You Got Divorced


Nobody goes into a divorce thinking that it is going to be an easy process. But because it's not something that we've usually practised, we're prone … [Continue reading]

4 Things You Should Be Asking Seattle Real Estate Agents

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of buying a new home, the entire experience can be daunting. There may be hundreds of questions, ideas and … [Continue reading]

Tools That Every DIY Lover Should Have In Their Shed

Tools That Every DIY Lover Should Have In Their Shed

DIY can be a very cheap way to maintain and improve your home. There’s no wonder why so many of us love it! It is also a great way of injecting our … [Continue reading]

AC Broken? 6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

AC Broken? 6 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Cool   If your air conditioning isn’t working well, or it completely went out, you might be waiting … [Continue reading]