Around The World In 5 Simple Steps


A round the world trip is the dream of any travel enthusiast, but it can be hard to organize. All of the difficulties of planning an overseas trip are increased tenfold, as you now have to consider them for lots of different countries. If you give yourself enough time to plan well, and make sure … [Continue reading]

Full Food Bowl? Why Your Dog Is Not Digging In

Dog Head Labrador Yellow Canine Pet Animal

I love cooking food for my pooch and watching him consume the whole bowl. Therefore, it can be cause for concern if the pooch doesn’t eat a thing when you put the food down on the floor. And if they are not showing any other signs, it can leave your perplexed what’s wrong. Here are some reasons why … [Continue reading]

How to Make Your Home an Oasis in the Summer

In just a few weeks, Memorial Day will be here and the summer season will kick off. Some people thrive during these mild days of sun and longer … [Continue reading]

Brush Away The Cobwebs: The Attic


  There’s nothing more important in a home than making it look great. Aside from the obvious need to make a house look beautiful, you also want … [Continue reading]

Glorious Weather = Garden Parties Galore!

Colorful Candles Drink Garden Party Tea Lights

credit   Spending time in the garden is one of the best things about warmer weather. Hosting parties for family and friends is a great chance … [Continue reading]

You’re Not Alone: What Every Parent Worries About

Baby Hand Baby Hand Child Parent Mother Infant

Everyone says you will never truly know what love is until you’ve held your child in your arms for the first time. Unfortunately, they downplay that … [Continue reading]

Essential Moving Out Checklist For Renters


You’re moving on to a place with more bedrooms and a bigger kitchen. But before you start celebrating, you need to begin the long and stressful … [Continue reading]

Bring Contemporary Chic To Your Home


As far as home decor goes, more and more people every day are opting for the contemporary, modern vibe. There is just something about a contemporary … [Continue reading]

Why Relationships Take Work


We’d all like an easy life, of course we would. We’d all love to have the most amazing job, no arguments or disagreements, lots of money, and just … [Continue reading]

What Do House Buyers Really Look For?


If you are ready to sell your house, you have probably been looking at all the possible online tips to stage the scene as effectively as possible. … [Continue reading]

5 Tips For Surviving Your Divorce


Everyone is in a constant state of change, whether we pay attention to it or not. This means that no matter how much work you put in, many … [Continue reading]

Turning Your House Into A Home


Image credit   Is it time you injected a little bit of color or added some real opulence to your home? Perhaps you have lost a little bit of … [Continue reading]

Easy Home Remodels You Can Do Yourself


There doesn’t have to be anything scary about DIY. While most of us have struggled to assemble flat-pack furniture, some very simple home remodelling … [Continue reading]

When’s a Good Time to Get Your First House?


Buying a home is somewhat like a rite of passage. It’s something you do only once you’ve gained a foothold on life. You’ll probably need a well-paying … [Continue reading]

Is It Just A Rough Patch Or Is It Time To Call It Quits?


Sometimes it’s painstakingly obvious that a relationship is over, other times knowing when to call it quits can be a struggle. From time to time, most … [Continue reading]

Kitchen Gadgets: Want or Need?

kitchen-972934_960_720   If you see a new kitchen gadget advertised, then it probably doesn’t take you long for the desire to set in.   You know … [Continue reading]

The Times You Should Back Away From The DIY

The Times You Should Back Away From The DIY

[ qimono // pixabay ]   The idea of DIY has been en vogue for decades now. Gone are the days when you needed to call in a contractor for every … [Continue reading]

Thin Hair, Don’t Care!


If you watch the movies, looks at fashion adverts, or watch the hippest TV show, you will notice that all the women in them have one thing in common - … [Continue reading]

Take Your Design Aesthetic Outdoors With These Stylish Tips


Image Source   Decor, design, and style are not restricted to your home. Over the last few years, applying design techniques to your outdoor … [Continue reading]

Maintaining Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great way to help accent your room with color, protect wood floors and keep your bare feet warm while walking across the the room in … [Continue reading]