Cash in The Attic Or Something Else Entirely?

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It’s amazing how quickly our once seemingly spacious home can feel cramped again, but this is only natural as circumstances change. Maybe you became parents in the time between moving in and now. Maybe you decided to leave your job and go solo, working from home. Maybe you just have a shopping problem and an inability to through out the stuff you don’t use anymore. There are plenty of reasons as to why your home feels smaller, but there are only a few options to fix this feeling.


The bet of the bunch, though, is renovating your attic. You see, building an extension could be seriously expensive, or even impossible, and the basement, well, it is windowless and damp, which kind of rules it out. But attics, wow, with just a little bit of vision an attic can be transformed into one of the most incredible rooms in any house.


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A useable space that adds value to your home; what more could you want.  


The Bedroom

This is the most obvious transformation option because everything seems to point in this direction. As rightly point out, everything is setup for it to be an extra bedroom. It is at the top of the house, the space is just right, and the opportunity to have an en-suite bathroom would add that much more value to your property as well. There are also plenty of reasons why you should go down this route. Maybe you want a spare bedroom so friends and family can come and stay over. Perhaps you have a couple of children who currently share a room but are growing out of this. It could even be the rise of Airbnb that has an impact, and you like the idea of making a few extra grand on the side each year. The possibilities are endless.


The Office

We touched on it before, the working from home thing, and this would seem to be a legitimate thing to presume, something would seem to support. Quite simply, more and more people are choosing to work from home these days because, well, the advancements in tech have allowed it, and who wouldn’t turn down the chance at a better work/life balance. The thing is, working from home isn’t as easy as you may think it is, not without having a dedicated space anyway, which is where remodelling your attic comes in. What makes the attic such an attractive proposition is the location. It is as far away from the main hubs of the house, which means it is going to be quieter. Less distraction. You could also have a nice window put in too. An inspiring view never hurt someone’s work.


The Luxury

When you close your eyes and think about the houses on MTV Cribs, what sets them apart is the fact that they all have a room dedicated to some sort of luxury. Home cinema, games room, library, that sort of thing. Well, with an empty attic to play around with you could add this dedicated space to your home’s arsenal. Of course, if you are a parent to young children, when we suggested you close your eyes and think of luxury, you may well have imagined a home where there weren’t toys all over every room. Imagine it, an attic where your kids can go and play; all the mess and noise contained as far away from you as possible. Bliss.

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