What Do House Buyers Really Look For?

If you are ready to sell your house, you have probably been looking at all the possible online tips to stage the scene as effectively as possible. There is no doubt that you will be working to declutter your room – maybe by already packing some of your precious belongings away – to create an inviting open space. And you have certainly already planned to get a fresh bunch of flowers for the vase in the kitchen and to brew fresh coffee to make the house feel warm and welcoming. There are some tips that help potential buyers to see the potential of your house and fall in love with the property. But, these tips can only work if your house meets the basic requirements of your buyers. Want to find out the secrets behind what a buyer thinks? Read on and take good note.


They Look For The Right Location

The first priority for house buyers is to find the right location for their needs. While you can’t know whether they are looking for a house close to the city for work, or whether they want a patch of the countryside around them, you can certainly have a look at the type of advertising you can find on houses for sale websites. Are urban houses focusing on the public transport, the proximity to amenities, the ease of parking in town? This should give you some indications about the house buyer profiles that real estate agents encounter. So, you can ask your town council about public funding and facilities projects in the near future – as this will be valuable for future buyers – as well as existing facilities that you may not be aware of. Make sure to keep a list of the local schools and companies hiring staff, to share with the house buyers. This little research can make the difference.
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Where’s the nearest school?

They Look For Modern Facilities

While everybody loves the idea of a countryside cottage, people still want to have the very best appliances and comfort in the house. For instance, if your bathroom or your kitchen is a little dated, you might find that a renovation project will attract buyers. Sometimes, all you need is to change your main appliances or to give a fresh coat of paint to the room. Most home buyers are looking for a pre-built kitchen that is ready to use. You may think of it as an investment that will be reflected in the final price. In short, home improvement work is not wasted, even if you are planning to sell the house.  

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Give your kitchen a modern look and feel


They Look For No Maintenance Cost

Last, but not least, homebuyers are looking for little maintenance cost as they move in. They don’t want to add repair work on top of their expenses as they buy a new house. So, if your roof is a little old, or your insulation system needs changing, don’t hesitate. Modern and clean looking houses are more likely to sell fast. You also need to keep in mind that this is an investment that will help to sell the house at a better price. The main areas of concern are the roof, the insulation system, the windows, and the electric system. So get your house checked by an expert and get ready to fix everything that may break soon.

Change old windows

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