4 Handy Things You Will Need When You First Move In Your Home

When you are first moving into a new home, it can be an exciting time. After all, you can’t wait to make the new haunts perfect for your family. And you are busy packing away the last few things at your old home. But when it comes to packing up your bits, you need to make sure you put a few things aside which can go on your person when moving. After all, you don’t want to be hunting down essential items when you first move in. In fact, here are four handy things you will need when you first move in your home!


A tape measure


One thing you will need when you first move in is a tape measure. After all, you will want to measure different areas before you place any furniture. You don’t want to tell the removal company to put a large piece of furniture in a certain place, and then find it actually doesn’t fit when they try and put it in there. You should start measuring different areas in the home before the stuff arrives. That way, you know exactly where everything is meant to go when the delivery van arrives. And it can reduce some of the stress. But if you haven’t put the tape measure in a safe place, it can be a nightmare to find it. In fact, you might end up popping to the shops to get a new one! Therefore, place one in your handbag to ensure you can start measuring when you get in the home. And the sooner you can measure things like flooring and wall sizes, the quicker you can get onto buying carpet and wallpaper!


A drill


There will be a lot of things you will want to hang up in your new home. After all, you will have things like mirrors and photos that need to be placed on your wall. And if you don’t do it straight away, they can end up taking up loads of space on the floor. Moreover, you can start making the new house feel more homely if you start putting up your belongings. Therefore, to enable you to start hanging up your items, you need a drill. That way, you don’t have to wait around before you start putting items on your wall. And if you have packed the drill away in a box, it might take you ages to find it. Therefore, put it in a bag which goes in the car with you, so you have easy access to it. And so you can get around places which are hard to get to, you should opt for a cordless drill. That way, you can use it anywhere in the house without worrying about dragging the cords!


A screwdriver


Tools will definitely come in handy when you first move into your property. After all, you need to be able to start fixing things when you get into the humble abode. One thing in particular which will come in useful will be a screwdriver. After all, you will need this to be able to check things such as the meter readings. After all, the electric and gas box will be tricky to get into without a screwdriver. Therefore, using one means you can write down the readings and then call the supplier to start up an account. That way, you won’t get charged for the old owner’s usage. The screwdriver will also come in useful if you need to unscrew anything from the wall. After all, without one, it can be very tricky to get things off the walls in your new humble abode! And if you have any new furniture which needs putting together now you are in the new house, it will also be an essential tool for this!



A torch


If you are moving into the property later in the day, it might be dark by the time you have unloaded everything into the house. And it can make it difficult to find things in the boxes if you have little light. Therefore, to ensure you have a source of light to make sorting things out easier when you first move in, you should go for a torch. With one of these, you can then clearly find things deep in boxes that might be hard to see. And it’s likely the power might not work properly when you first move in so you might need to have a look in the electric box. Therefore, a torch will definitely come in useful if this does occur so you can see what you are doing!


And don’t forget your phone charger; you don’t want to have to hunt this down in a ton of boxes!


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