Take Your Design Aesthetic Outdoors With These Stylish Tips

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Decor, design, and style are not restricted to your home. Over the last few years, applying design techniques to your outdoor space has become normalized. And we’re not just talking about landscaping and gardening. We’re talking about color, texture, and decorations.


Adding Color

When we think about color in a garden, we immediately conjure up ideas of pretty borders, blooming plants, and leafy corners. But it’s possible to inject some color in other ways. For example, by painting your garden shed, fencing, and plant pots. In recent years, there has been a trend towards decorating garden sheds in the style of beach huts.This is quick and easy to do, assuming you have the right materials. Opt for paint that will last through inclement weather. You’ll be the envy of your neighbors.



Art, ornaments, and decorations are no longer limited to the home. It’s possible to buy all manner of garden ornaments in a range of styles. However, a concept that is growing in popularity is creating your own outdoor ornaments and sculptures. Use a mixture of natural materials such as wood and stone and complement them with metal and glass. Repurpose old metal and create something new using a plasma cutter. Sites like http://plasmacutterbuzz.com/ compare models to allow you to find a machine to suit your needs. Old agricultural machinery that has rusted and aged can also be repurposed into something creative and inspiring. Or, for something simple, spray paint garden implements such as spades and forks and put together a creative display. Sites like http://www.countryliving.com provide lots of inspiration.


Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are not just about sheds and greenhouses. They are frequently transformed into hobby rooms, dens, home offices, and a place to enjoy the garden during inclement weather. Use ideas from your interior and carry it through to your garden room. Or, create a simple, natural theme and add plants and blooms from the garden.


Add a little color and character through painting or stenciling the walls. And introduce curtains and other home textiles. Cushions and beanbags make eating and relaxing out of doors so much more comfortable. Tablecloths add a little sophistication to your outdoor dining. Opt for a wipe-clean version to make life easier.


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The advent of LEDs has opened up the possibilities for outdoor lighting. There is no end to the possibilities. As well as traditional outdoor lights, installed for functionality and practicality, it’s possible to change the mood and ambiance of the garden. String lights are no longer confined to the holidays and are used throughout the year to add light and charm to your outdoor space. And don’t forget the appeal of candles. Dot them around the garden, hang them from trees, and add them to hurricane lamps to create a relaxing and soothing mood. If you don’t like the idea of naked flames in the garden, opt for LED versions. Many are encased in wax and flicker, providing the appearance of a real candle, without the negatives.


When planning your decor and design this year, don’t forget about the garden. Inject some of the style into your outdoor space, and the enjoy your efforts during the summer months.

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