You’re Not Alone: What Every Parent Worries About

Everyone says you will never truly know what love is until you’ve held your child in your arms for the first time. Unfortunately, they downplay that you will also never know what worry is until the weight of your responsibility for said child comes crashing down on you. First-time parents in particular feel an overwhelming sense of fear when their baby gets sick, injured, or even when they’re too quiet. It’s stressful, but it’s part of the job description. To prove that you’re not alone, here are some concerns that other parents have felt about their kids. Welcome to parenthood.

Baby Hand Baby Hand Child Parent Mother Infant

Baby Hand Baby Hand Child Parent Mother Infant

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Whether their baby will die

There is no doubt in any parent’s mind that this would be at the top of the fear list. Even when your baby is sound asleep in their crib, you could wake up in a panic thinking they have stopped breathing and died in their sleep.The fear of losing a child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome can be particularly strong for new parents. Even though recent educational campaigns about the importance of placing babies to sleep on their backs and not exposing babies to secondhand smoke have reduced the number of SIDS-related deaths, SIDS continues to be the biggest cause of which new parent nightmares. The good news is that SIDS deaths are relatively rare, occurring in just one or two of every thousand live births. It won’t stop you from checking on your baby every night, even after they’re no longer babies, but it should bring you some piece of mind.

Impact on their relationship with your significant other

It’s no big secret that babies demand a lot of attention. First-time mothers can often get tunnel-vision and think of nothing except the needs of their baby, at the cost of neglecting their own needs, including their relationships. Rest assured that this is only temporary. It’s not likely to inflict damage on your relationship that only a top family law firm could fix. Once the baby is sleeping through the night – or at least for several hours at a time – it can be easier to find more time to spend with your spouse. Always take time to remember that, while you may be parents now, you’re still two people who love each other. It will take practise, but soon you will be able to juggle being a parent, a spouse, and an individual.

Great Expectations

We all want our kids to do great things, to be better than we were, and to accomplish anything they set out to do. Parents can get so caught up in their vision of the future that they are actually startled when their children’s expectations are different from their own. Do not resort to fighting or thinking you did something wrong. Just like you once had your own expectations for how your life would turn out, your kids have theirs too. You should be proud that you have raised an individual who can think for themselves and has goals they want to achieve.

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