Your Home Needs You!

Your home sometimes needs you more than you need it. It needs constant cleaning, maintenance, as well as many other things to make sure it is running smoothly. As soon as you buy your first house, your life is signed away to making sure the house is kept in working order. But this isn’t always a bad thing. Your home is the reason you have your freedom, can raise a family, and can live happily and comfortably. Aside from the usual daily chores, there’s plenty of other ways in which your house needs you. Plus, there’s plenty of things you can do to make it even better for you. Let’s explore some of them!

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Deep Cleaning


This is something we all hate to do, it only comes round every so often, but we all have to do. It’s all well and good giving the house a vacuum and a polish each week. But you’re missing all the deep set dirt that eventually needs to come out. We’re here to show you how to do that. First, let’s start with the kitchen. Probably the easiest area to gather a buildup of dirt and grime. First, start by removing absolutely everything off the countertops and the table, and do your usual wipe down of the surfaces. Then you want to use a vinegar and bicarbonate of soda solution to give them a real deep clean. Mix the two together in a bowl, and have a scourer ready. Go in between all the cracks of the tiles on the floor, and pay particular attention to the grooves in the countertop surfaces. Then, you want to clear everything out of the cupboards, something we have a feeling you may not have done before. Clear out any unwanted or outdated foods to create more space once the clean is done. The use the same solution you did for the tiles in the cupboards. Pay particular attention to the corners. Now, we know that the kitchen won’t be the best smelling at the minute, so go back over the areas you’ve done with a normal soap and water cleaning solution. It’ll just help to get rid of the vinegar smell. Don’t forget to give your windows the once over with a bit of window cleaner. It just helps to keep everywhere looking fresh.


Next, we need to talk about the bathroom. It is definitely up there with the room most likely to get the dirtiest, even if it makes us the cleanest. To begin with, you can use the same cleaning solution you did for the kitchen, in the bathroom. But there’s plenty of hard working bathroom cleaners that you can acquire from your local store. Start by giving everything a once over, remembering to pay attention to all the corners and the areas you wouldn’t usually be able to reach. Treat the plugs in the bathroom with a squirt of thick bleach, and a limescale removing solution. Again, you can find this from your local store. Leave the bleach and limescale remover to soak for around 10 minutes, before rinsing away with water. The nastiest job comes last, you need to remove any hair from the drain of the shower to make sure the water is flowing freely, and there’s no bad spell being left. A coat hanger and a pair of rubber gloves will do the trick. Look away if it makes you feel squeamish!


Value Increases


If your house is feeling a little cramped, or you’re just a bit bored with the layout and are in search for more, then there’s plenty you can do. Firstly, there’s extensions you can do to the home. For one, do you have a place to put your car? Not everyone is blessed with a driveway, and a lot of people have to cram their cars into the tiniest spaces on the road. The simple solution to this is carports. They’re a handy little area built on to the side of your house to store you car. Not only is it better safety and security wise for your car, but it’s also good for increasing the value of your home. Potential buyers like to see that there’s somewhere for their car to go. Then there’s the more traditional extensions and modernisation that can help build on your houses value. The most common extension is to build outwards to create another room or bathroom. They might be costly in the beginning, but when it actually comes to selling the house you’ll make up the costs. Another idea you might like is a conservatory. They aren’t as expensive as a full blown renovation, but they still do add some value. They make a great place for relaxation and socialisation, and is a nice little attachment to the house. Plus, they look good as well!


Don’t Neglect The Garden


This is a piece of advice we’re going to give to you all, because it is something everyone seems to do. We always put so much effort into the interior to make sure it looks prim and proper, when actually there’s a large amount of potential in the garden. Making sure it is clear and neat is the first step. Clear up any fallen leaves or dead plants from the winter months. Start by laying down some grass seeds and fertilizer to help the grass recover from the cold months and grow nice and green. Then you want to replace all the dead plants you’ve just uprooted. The season of spring is fast approaching us, so this is actually the best time for you to do it. There’s an array of colourful flowers for you to chose from, just check out this range here. You could even get a little bird feeder to attract some wildlife into the garden. If you have kids, we know they’ll love seeing all the different types of birds that will flock to your garden. After that, it is just about keeping up with general maintenance to make sure everywhere stays looking nice.


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