Your Furniture Says A Lot About Your Personality – Here’s Why



Designing and decorating the perfect home space (for you,) is different from person to person. One person will enjoy spiritual aesthetics, replete with pictures of the buddha, large paisley tapestries and incense, while another person will like modernist and completely chic 21st century home apparatus to craft a living space on the cutting edge. All of these tastes say a tremendous amount about your personality, and the way you enjoy living. It can also let you know how you best operate in the world, because your home personality is your truest personality. They often say that a cluttered room means a cluttered mind, but that is only the surface of the iceberg of home personal taste.


These following fun, helpful and interesting tidbits of advice can help you realize what home space would work best for you, and exactly how to overcome any difficulty developing ideas.


New Age


New age aesthetics, as listed in the first example, shows that you’re an open, engaged and reflective person. It tells you that you understand how to best and most positively navigate your life. It might show that you prefer relaxation over order, and prefer to be comfortable more than highly strung. It also shows that you’re welcoming, contemplative, and are able to think laterally. It shows that you have the ability to risk new things, and that you are never the first person to react negatively when confronted with something you don’t understand. You’re most likely sociable, intelligent and sensitive. Despite being sociable, you might be an introvert, as in you enjoy recharging in a home space that is completely comfortable.




The cutting edge person will likely enjoy balancing modern chic with utility. Utilizing smart appliances and beautiful Joybird furniture gives you a space that reflects on your personality in interesting ways. It shows that you are always looking for the best solution in your challenges, and solutions that have been most recently proven to be the best. It shows that you are forward thinking, but always available to change your mind in order to best accommodate situations that demand it. It might show that you have a penchant for expression and creative flair. Modernism doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re overly ordered, but it can mean that you enjoy staying on top of your affairs, and keeping them organized. It shows that you are most likely immensely sociable, and enjoy having people around whenever you can.



You prefer traditional values, and most likely enjoy family life above all. You have a reliable and steadfast approach to your career, and prize love as the most impressive feeling someone can experience. You believe that no matter how bad things get, there is always a practical solution. You believe (even potentially more than the new-age person,) that your furniture such as reclaimed wood, crafted home decorations such as wicker baskets or own built furniture which shows a real pride and respect for building your own implements from natural means. The rustic person is practical, down to earth and sensible.


If you have noticed some of these traits in yourself, and are not happy with your living space, you might benefit from switching up your style to see if you prefer it as listed in the fun guide above.

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