Why We Should All Be Green with Envy over Denmark’s Green Transition

Denmark is one of the global green leaders, this is no denying that. And we should all be green with envy of the way this Nordic country is going about its green transition, simply because this transition is making life in Denmark so much healthier and so much cleaner. To see the history behind this Danish green transition, and to see just what this country is doing to remain as green as can be, make sure to read on.

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The history of Denmark’s green transition


Denmark hasn’t got a big and long history of being green, not in the slightest. In fact, Denmark as a country faced real strife during the 1970s due to the fact that it was so dependant on imported oil and other things that were harmful to our planet. No, rather than being traditionally green, it has instead transitioned into being green. And when you see the history of this transition since the 70s, most of which is documented on https://stateofgreen.com/en/, you will see just why your country of residence should probably be green with envy over it.


Yes, after the 70s strife Denmark faced due to the oil it was importing it transitioned into using other resources, other resources that catered to the growing environmental concerns of the day. Since those times, sustainable cities have been popping up all over Denmark where energy harvesting, renewability and waste and resource management are simply a way of life. And, since the 1980s Denmark has even been at the forefront of the very best sustainable technologies, such as the wind turbine.


What Denmark does today to be so green


Built on a bedrock of recent advancements in its green ways of thinking, Denmark is now very much a global green leader. And how it retains this position at the forefront of our green planet is through the way it continues to set new records for the way it harvests energy from the wind. Yes, Denmark’s wind turbines supplied a massive 44% of the country’s electricity consumption in 2017, and you can only expect this percentage to get higher in 2018.


Denmark’s plans for a green future


And the green way of life doesn’t stop in the modern day for the Danish. No, Denmark has a very clear set of plans for the future in regards to it staying as environmentally friends as can, the biggest of these plans is that is plans to be fossil free by 2050. Yes, Denmark has set a very clear goal on its part to be independent of fossils within the next 32 years, and it plans to reach this ambitious goal by expanding the share of renewable energies sources from the wind and biomass.


So, as you can see, Denmark has a very good recent history in being green, it continues to be green today and it plans to continue to be green in the future; if only all the other countries on our planet could take a green leaf out of the Danish book.

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