Why Should You Install Shutters This Autumn?

Autumn is here and so is the cold weather. As a rule, I like to make a couple of interior design changes when a new season starts. So, being that summer has become autumn, I thought I would start with window shutters. Most of you probably think I am mad writing a post about window shutters in autumn. I mean, how are they going to make a difference? Well, if you carry on reading all will be revealed.


Adds Value


I’m old school, but anything that adds value to my house is a bonus. I don’t care what time of year it is as long as it is an upgrade. Window shutters, from wood shutters to plantation shutters, are in demand at the minute. As a result, a potential buyer is willing to pay more for a property if the property has elements of what they are looking for. If there is one thing I have learned in my life, it is that we always take the path of least resistance!


Last All Year Long


Although I like to make a change with the changing season, I don’t like to make too much work for myself! In fact, I only make changes to keep the house looking fresh because it can start to look old and lose its shine. As the shutter experts S: Craft will attest, shutters do not go out of fashion depending on the style.


Light Control


Okay, let’s have a look at the specific benefits of shutters during autumn. The first one is light control. Obviously, during autumn and winter, the light starts to fade earlier in the day. That makes exploiting what little light there is incredibly important. Natural light enhances almost every style of home regardless of the tone. Due to their style, shutters let in all the light if you open them fully. Why not have curtains you ask? Mainly because curtains let in light or block it completely. With shutters, you can control how much light you need unlike curtains.


Better Heat Insulation


What do we all want when the mercury starts to drop? We want more heat because almost everyone to a man hates being cold. There are plenty of tips to maximise heat in our homes, and installing shutters is another one on the list. When the shutters are closed, the panels reflect the heat back into the room, especially if they are shiny. Plus, because they are wood, they are much warmer from the outset. Not only do they make the house warmer, but they make it warmer without turning on the central heating!


Increased Privacy


Because you cannot see who is lurking in the dark, you want to close off your home as effectively as possible. No one wants intruders in the darkness casing their property for a potential burglary, which is why shutters are great additions. When they are closed, you cannot see anything from the outside of the house.


As you can see, autumn is a great time for window shutters.

Why Should You Install Shutters This Autumn

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