Why Relationships Take Work

We’d all like an easy life, of course we would. We’d all love to have the most amazing job, no arguments or disagreements, lots of money, and just about anything else you can think of at your disposal. However, when it comes to things like relationships, it’s important to remember that they take a lot of work. Some relationships can be difficult, and many say that the best relationships require hard work at the start. But why do most relationships take work?


The Households Many Were Brought Up In

Most people don’t realize that their relationships are a struggle, or that they’re taking a lot of work because of the households they were brought up in. If you were one of the rare people who was brought up in a household with two parents who were very much in love, openly showed affection and barely argued, then you will likely experience easier relationships. However, if you were brought up by a single parent, or parents who argued, then this is what you have learned from a young age. Although you are responsible for what you say and how you react to things, a lot of it is down to how you were raised. You will act the way you learned from a child, not from what you were told but from what you witnessed! This can explain many of the relationships people have today. Knowing this and becoming more aware of it may mean you can hold off contacting Gillard Family Lawyers for divorce papers.


Remember, you should never put up with an abusive relationship and make excuses for another person. Working on yourselves to bring the best version of yourself to the table is important, but staying with somebody who is abusing you is a different thing entirely. Many problems can be solved when you fix your own insecurities and falsely held beliefs, but abuse can’t.


Certain Feelings Tend To Fizzle Out After A While

Certain feelings will fizzle out after a while. The hormones that were raging when you first met somebody aren’t going to be there maybe 3 years or more down the line. However, you stay with somebody because in general, you are happy and compatible. It can take a little more work to stay together, but as long as you are generally happy with no big problems, that’s fine! Just bear in mind that you should never stay with somebody if you are unhappy and you just don’t suit anymore.




Many Forget Why They’re Together

Perhaps you now focus on all of the ‘bad’ things about your partner rather than the good. Many people do tend to forget why they’re together after a while. Try focusing on all of the good things about your partner, no matter how hard it is instead. You might be surprised at how much this changes your relationship!


Remember, your relationship shouldn’t be relentlessly difficult all the time. If it is, then it’s probably time to call it a day, or at least have a break and examine why this is happening. Relationships do take work, but it should be after a while, and it shouldn’t too difficult!

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