Why I’m Dreading My Daughters’ Parties

As a Mom of two young daughters, I have been dreading the word party since they reached double figures in age. Now parties aren’t about princess dresses, fairy wings, and angel cakes. Now parties are about peer pressure. They have to invite the ‘in’ people. Popularity is everything. But what I’m really worrying about is the move toward boyfriends.


I know the girls have talked to boys. I know they have probably even had friendships with them. But they’re my babies, and I’m just not ready for them to start playing adults. Holding hands is one thing. I think you all know what I’m concerned about. With all the peer pressure out there, I’m just frightened they’ll be into things they know themselves are not ready or willing to do.


Still, it’s the fear of every parent, I’m sure. For now, the word party is restricted to birthdays. And I’ve been through a few of them. I remember a few years back I was trying to think of the perfect gift ideas for a 10 year old girl. It had to be something their friends would envy, and not something she would be embarrassed to open in front of them! Now I’m looking for ideas for a teenager. My taste in girl’s clothes is definitely not trendy enough anymore.

Why I'm Dreading My Daughters' Parties

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For their upcoming birthdays, I would prefer to hold a party or gathering of their friends here. I can keep an eye on everyone and get to know who she hangs out with a bit better. I’m fairly sure both girls are onto me, though. There is already talk of meeting at the mall and hanging out at the Bowlerama without being embarrassed by Mom’s presence.


So how will I deal with this? I have to have faith that I’ve done my job right. I know my girls are smart and decent people. And I know they’re confident and independent enough to be able to say ‘no’ to things they morally can’t get onside with. Best of all, I’m certain they aren’t going to let anyone put them in a position where they feel vulnerable or compromised. I’m still a Mom, though. It’s my job to worry!


My party ideas will have to include some food. I may have to give in to pizza just this once. I’m fairly certain the decorations need to be more about glow sticks than fairy princess banners too. And yes, I’ve even looked up the price of a proper DJ deck complete with lights. It’s already starting to feel more like prom than a little girl’s birthday party!


Will I stipulate that the party should be girls only? I wish I could, but I’m not sure my daughters would forgive me! I know mixed schooling is a good idea, but more personal gatherings will worry me until they’re married, I guess. And I know they will expect me to stay in the background, out of the way. This could be just the first of many parties they will attend. I know they’ll love it!


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