What You Need to Know About Converting a Barn

Converting a barn is a big task, but it’s definitely worth it. Here are some key things to consider if you want to take on the task.

What You Need to Know About Converting a Barn

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Windows Are Essential


Barns don’t have windows in usually, so you’ll need to install some. You will need more windows (and bigger windows) than you realise though. Because the space inside a barn is so large and open, having lots of natural light is a must. If you don’t have enough windows, the barn will feel dull and dark, and that’s not the kind of effect you want to create. Some people choose to install skylights in their barn to let in as much light as possible, so you might want to consider this.


Heating Can be a Problem


Because of the size and conventional usage of barns, they can be difficult to heat. Barns were obviously never designed with heating in mind; they were for keeping animals in. But that doesn’t mean the task of heating your barn is impossible. You’ll need to think carefully about how you insulate the walls to keep your heat in. You will also need to use underfloor heating and a central heating system that circulate hot air. This is important because the heat will rise to the top of the barn otherwise.


Make Use of the High Ceilings


The best thing about barns is that they’re tall, so you have really high ceilings. This can be great as long as you make good use of them. You don’t necessarily have to split the barn into two storeys. Some people put a higher platform at one end of the barn where a couple of bedrooms are located. They then keep the rest of the barn open plan so that the high ceilings are exposed, making the property feel grand and impressive when you walk in.


Rebuild the Roof


Most barns haven’t been maintained very well over the years; this means there will be lots of wear and tear to attend to. The part of the barn that tends to be in the worst condition is the roof. There will probably be damaged shingles and other problems. Often, it’s best to simply replace and rebuild the whole roof. Click here to find details of professional roofing specialists that will be able to help you.


Don’t Forget the Land Surrounding It

Whether you aim to live in the property or sell it, you should make use of the land around the barn. Barns are normally in rural locations with lots of land surrounding them, so that can be a big advantage. You could use this space to do all kinds of things. You could build a small extension to make the barn a little bigger if it needs an extra room or two. Or you could simply tidy up the land around the barn and use it as a selling point if you want to sell the property.


Converting a barn is a great way to create a unique and interesting living environment, so you should definitely consider it.

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