What Is The Perfect Family Pet? The Truth About Cats And Dogs

People tend to either be dog people or cat folk. It’s pretty rare that you talk to someone and they play devil’s advocate choosing to sit on the fence. The debate about the perfect pet for children has raged for years. Some swear that their faithful hounds make the most appropriate pets for your little darlings. Other people won’t hear a word said against their feline friends. Let’s take a look and consider whether your home would be better off welcoming a cat or a dog as its new addition.


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The Case For Cats


Cats can be the most attention seeking, playful and hilarious creatures to have as pets. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a Persian Blue pedigree breed, a tortoiseshell kitty or your bog standard cute little moggy, you will have a character that is unique. As well as being needy and headbutting you until you provide them with endless chin rubs, they can also be stubborn and aloof. However, this aloofness can play in your favor. We all know what it’s like when kids want something so desperately only for the novelty to wear off. Unlike dogs that can need your constant attention, when the kids attention waivers, your little pussy cat will be more than happy to amuse himself, venture outside and just kick back and enjoy his own company.


Taking care of a cat and keeping him healthy is relatively simple. All you need is a sound monthly regime of medication to prevent worms, ticks, and fleas from setting up home on your beloved pet. Take a look at the Advantage II for cats coupons and get yourself some spot on treatments for your moggies. Easy to administer and excellent value, this medicine will keep your cat flea free.


Although your cat may scratch at every closed door, squeeze himself into the oddest of cubby holes and bring you many unwanted dead mice as a sign of his affection, your feline friend will love you in his own unique way.


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The Case For Dogs


Most dog owners love nothing more than showing off the loyalty of their pets. It’s true that canine critters express their love for their owners in a more obvious way. They will stay by your side when you head out for a walk and depending on the breed they will protect you against external threats. No moggy, however affectionate, will lay down their life for you.


Dogs are active and playful. This can be both a positive and a negative as your children, who craved a pet for so long, soon see the effort needed to walk their dog twice a day and begin to flail in their enthusiasm. Before you know it, it’s you who’s playing fetch with the hound down the park. While it’s helping you shift a few pounds, this isn’t what you signed up for when you got a pet.


The choice of breeds is endless, unlike with felines. You could opt for a gentle giant like the labrador or a playful medium sized canine like a spaniel, or you could go tiny and get yourself a chihuahua. Each dog has their own personality traits and character but will be a loving member of your family.


When it comes to which is better, the feline or the canine species, it’s an impossible question to answer. Cats can be aloof whereas dogs can be ultra needy. Cats can be boring and sleep a lot whereas dogs can be hyperactive and draining. Fundamentally, cats and dogs both make excellent family pets.

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