What Happens When I’m No Longer a Stay At Home Mom?

Maybe the children have grown up, or are at a certain age where you can finally allow and find yourself some free time to do the things you love – and miss. Maybe one of those things is working; that may come across as a bit odd, but if you’ve been a stay at home mom for a number of years, the day to day routine can eventually get tiresome and frustrating. You want to interact with adults again, in the day, instead of solely waiting for your other half to come home to talk about normal adult things like what to have for dinner, the current affairs of the world, what’s on TV etc. You don’t want to talk about the TV shows the children watch, or how sticky their fingers are, or to tell them for the seventieth time that day not to try to put the cat down the toilet.


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You miss engaging with adults, on the same level as you. It was a long time ago that you did a standard 9-5 job but even though you didn’t think you enjoyed it back then, thinking about it now, you actually do miss it. So, after speaking to your other half about your thoughts and reasons for wanting to back to work – extra money, the children are at school or college and don’t need you during the day any more, you’ll get to meet more people and make new friends, you can improve your personal growth and your CV – you both decide (even though you already knew) that it would be a good idea, a beneficial one that makes sense all round, for you to find a job again and return to work.


But what if, after searching online, in newspapers, adverts and asking people, that there simply is not a job available that’s right for you? This can be a fairly common problem, especially if you live in a rural area or somewhere quite a distance from the nearest city. You are intelligent, creative and have considerable educational achievements but the jobs that are available to you simply aren’t what you want to do.


However, there are plenty of job opportunities and vacancies in the city or in other states. If a new job is something you are determined to get, then it may be worth thinking about moving to where the jobs are. A lot of people can be put off by moving but it sometimes is a good decision.

If you are going to move, you will need to sell the house, buy a new one, contact Interstate Removalists, ensure your partner has a new job too and that the children will be happy in their new school setting.


It sounds like a lot of hard work, and it can be, but once you are all settled down in your new home, and new state, and new job, you will be really happy you made the decision to become a professional again, instead of a stay at home mom.


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