What Does a Truly Stress-Free Divorce Look Like?

Going through a divorce process is often thought of as highly stressful. And for many people it is. Are there are any ways to make your divorce stress-free though? And what would a stress-free divorce really look like? It’s not an easy question to answer, but there are some things that the smoothest divorces have in common. If you’re about to go through a divorce, then you’ll need all the help and support possible to make it as stress-free as it possibly can be.


Luckily for you, this guide will show you exactly what a stress-free divorce looks like. For these things to take place though, it’s vital that both you and your ex work together and agree to make it stress-free. Without that initial agreement, nothing else that you can do will make it stress-free or smooth. If you can agree that you will both do your best to make it work, then you can start to read on. Here is what a truly stress-free divorce usually looks like.


Putting the Children First


When you have children, it’s essential to put them first. For many couples, this can even provide a spur and a reason to keep things civil and respectable. No parent wants to expose their children to arguing and an acrimonious divorce process. You should sit down together and discuss how the divorce will affect the children and what you can both do to lessen the impact on them. If you can agree to do this, the divorce should be smoother and more pleasant for everyone in the family, including you. This should be the first thing that the two of you discuss before proceedings start, so make sure you do that.

What Does a Truly Stress-Free Divorce Look Like

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Agreeing on an Uncontested Divorce


An uncontested divorce is always the best kind. This is when both parties are in agreement over what the settlement will look like. This is the kind of divorce that anyone going through a divorce should be aiming for. If you want a stress-free and straightforward divorce, this is the only option that you should be aiming for. It’s a sensible way to go about the process, so discuss this in advance. It doesn’t make sense to make the divorce more difficult or more argumentative that it really has to be. Of course, this will only be possible if both you and your ex can agree though. If you can’t, then the alternatives will have to be explored.


Accepting Help from Others


It’s at times like this that you really rely on friends and family member to make things that little bit easier for you. So, don’t be tempted to push people away when they try to help you. Being stubborn and insisting on doing everything for yourself only makes your life more stressful. When your family members or friends want to help, it’s sensible to let them do so. It might not be easy for you to do this when you want to be alone and don’t feel like letting others get involved. But it is certainly the best thing to do, so give it a try. What’s the worst that can happen?


Allowing the Lawyers to do the Difficult Stuff


Many people make the mistake of thinking that the best divorces are the ones where lawyers don’t get involved. This is a myth though. In fact, you really need to let the lawyers take control if you want the divorce to go smoothly. When they are in control of the details and the complicated stuff, it means that you and your ex can take a more hand-off approach. For many people, this can make arguments and disagreements less likely. That’s because it takes some of the emotion out of the dealings. Instead of two emotional people battling it out, the process is taken care of on a legal basis.

What Does a Truly Stress-Free Divorce Look Like 2

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Staying in Communication with Your Ex


Communication should carry on even though you and your ex are getting divorced. Of course, staying on good terms with someone when you’re divorcing them is not always easy. In fact, it’s a big challenge, and it’s not always possible. But the terms don’t even have to be good. It’s enough to have basic, civil communication between the two of you. This is much better than not even being able to talk to each other without an argument breaking out. When the two of your can communicate, you can deal with the important issues, such as parenting, in a cooperative way. This is good for the family as a whole.


Having a Vision for the Future


It’s a really good idea to have a positive view of what you will do in the future when you’re going through a divorce. This adds a positive note and a silver lining to what you’re doing. You then have something positive to focus on. It could be as simple as a planned holiday to look forward to at the end of the divorce. Or you could think about how you will live your life after the divorce. Focusing on any of the positive things that will come out of you getting divorced will help you a lot. It’s much better than being bogged down in the miserable and depressing stuff, so don’t let that happen to you.

What Does a Truly Stress-Free Divorce Look Like 3

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Staying Healthy Throughout the Process


You have to be willing to look after yourself as well. This is one of the key things that people forget when they’re going through divorce proceedings. It’s easy to worry about everyone else and then forget to look after yourself. You need to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep on a consistent basis, and think about your stress levels. Sometimes, you just have to walk away and take a break from it all. Even when a divorce is dominating your life, it’s not healthy to focus on that and ignore everything else. Take some time away from it and do something you love in order to relieve some of the stress.

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