What Do People Fear Most About Moving?


Are you feeling a little apprehensive about the move? You’re not alone. It turns out that moving home is a serious source of anxiety for a lot of people. Research commissioned by Wakefield Research recently found that more than two-thirds of people surveyed were worried about at least one aspect of their move. But their reasons for feeling anxious were varied. Here’s what the study found.


Worry #1: Fighting With Loved Ones




When people get stressed, tempers can fray. And so it’s no surprise that relationships can turn sour during a move. According to the Wakefield Research survey, more than 7 percent of people said that they were actively stressed about fighting with loved ones both during and in the run up to the love.


Everybody’s on edge during a move, say experts. That’s why communication breakdowns are so common during these periods. People want certainty, but it’s not guaranteed.


Worry #2: Not Getting Everything Packed In Time


According to the survey about a fifth of people (19 percent) said that not getting everything packed on time was a big worry. That should come as no surprise: most people have way more stuff than they either need or want. And they often vastly underestimate how much will need to be moved.


For people who do have a lot of stuff, it’s probably worth finding out whether any moving companies in the local area are able to help. Removal experts can often provide boxes or assist you with the packing directly if it’s getting a bit overwhelming.


Worry #3: Being Ripped Off


According to the survey, one of the biggest concerns people had was being fleeced by estate agents and lawyers. More than 30 percent of people cited it as a legitimate concern of theirs.


The best thing to do is to do some research ahead of time. Investigate different estate agents and find out how much commission they’re charging. Ask yourself whether you need to use a commission-charging estate agent at all, or whether online house sellers would be better. Also, remember, there are many law firms out there, all competing for a share of the property market. Play one off against the other, and you’ll wind up with the lowest possible price.


Worry #4: Misplaced Possessions


Possessions are incredibly important to people. So important to people that more than 41 percent of movers said that they had experienced anxiety related to the worry of losing their belongings.


Is this anxiety misplaced? Well, it depends. If you get organized and choose professional removal experts, it’s unlikely you’ll experience any problems. If, however, you decide to leave all the planning until the day before, you could lose something important, like wedding gifts.


Worry #5: Broken Chinaware


The most popular worry was broken chinaware – and other items in general. A full 64 percent of people said that they had concerns and that they were stressing them out.


The good news, though, is that most removal companies will cover the cost of any damages if you call them up and explain what’s happened.


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