What All Men Should Know About Fashion

In general, men aren’t as clued up about fashion as women are. I know that’s a generalised statement, but it’s true. Some men are brilliant when it comes to fashion, don’t get me wrong. However, most are a little clueless and just winging it. This post should be read by any male that doesn’t have a clue. Here’s what all men should know about fashion:


Fashion Trends Come and Go


Fashion trends come and go, so don’t worry about them too much. Don’t think you need to own a pair of braces or loafers just because they’re the next big deal on the catwalk. Fashion trends come and go all the time, so you should only follow a trend if you absolutely love it.


Style is the Most Important Thing


As long as you have style, nothing else matters. Especially not fashion! You could wear items that went out of ‘fashion’ years ago, but as long as you wear them with confidence and style, you’ll nail your look.


You Shouldn’t Wear Something if You Feel Uncomfortable


If you feel uncomfortable wearing something, don’t wear it. I can’t stress this enough. You’ll give off vibes that let people know you aren’t comfortable, and you just won’t get the look right. You should only ever buy and wear clothes you feel completely comfortable in.

What All Men Should Know About Fashion



If You Like it, Wear it


If you like something, then wear it. To hell with what anybody else says! They may not like it, but if you do that’s all that matters. People might never wear anything you wear, but admire you for your sense of style anyway. That’s the best way to be. I’d rather be an innovator than a sheep to fashion.


Your Clothes Must Fit You


There’s nothing worse than clothes that don’t fit, unless you’re purposely going for that oversized, baggy look. If you’re buying a suit, always see a good tailor.


Think Quality


Quality over quantity is they key when it comes to men’s clothing. You don’t want to buy too many ‘throw away’ fashion items and end up with nothing of quality. It’s always better to invest in a quality piece you know you’ll wear again and again, than a piece that’s cheaper but you only wear once. Be smart about the things you buy!


Small Details Make a Big Difference


Small details and accessories make a big difference. For instance, your tie, pocket square, or your socks. Even your watch or your wallet can make a difference. Check this out to see what a big difference a good watch can make. You can make a statement with these things, and they might not get noticed right away, but they will make a big difference to your overall look. You can easily add a fun element to your outfits with the little details.


Don’t Complicate Things


Try not to complicate things when putting your outfits together. Keep things as simple as you can and you’ll look stylish with no stress. Sorted!


Well guys, now you know these things about fashion, you can go ahead and put some stylish looks together of your very own. Whatever you wear, make sure you’re confident!

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