Want To Cut Down Using Your Car? Try My Weird And Wonderful Ideas

I’m always looking for great ways to save money. It occurred to me that one of the biggest expenses we have in life is running a car. Cars on their own costs thousands. But then you need to add the cost of the fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance. How much must all that come to? Then, of course, is the health cost. Ditching the car means we have to walk more or use a bicycle. This could be the best way to lose weight I’ve found!


Whether you’re looking to slim down, or you want to save some money, reducing your use of the car could be the way to achieve both. So how on earth can you radically alter your lifestyle to make that work? It might take a little bit of planning and little more time on your schedule, but you might just find it’s worth it.


Most of the things we have to head out by car for can be delivered by the company selling them. Your groceries, flowers, and other purchases can be brought to you if you buy online. You can even order a dry cleaner delivery to handle your special-care garments. It frees up a lot of your time as well. All you need to do is make sure you’re indoors during your delivery slot. If you’re only after a few bits from the store, why not grab a backpack and walk? A backpack can carry a lot of your groceries without all the discomfort of carrying it in your arms.

Want To Cut Down Using Your Car? Try My Weird And Wonderful Ideas

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One of the most-hated uses for our private cars is the commute. We’re often sat in a traffic jam for a prolonged period of time. This wastes an extraordinary amount of fuel too. Consider walking if you can. Anything under four miles can be done in under an hour. When you consider traffic queues and parking, you might get there quicker!


Cycling is often a fair-weather activity, but there is plenty of sportswear to spare you a wet backside. There is always public transport. A short walk to the bus stop or station can save you time and trouble with parking.


If you live quite a way out of town, why not use a community FaceBook group to set up some car sharing? That way you can each take turns to do the driving, saving you both on mileage and fuel. The same can be done with a colleague from work for your commute. It’s a good way to arrange a night out on the town too. Having a designated driver means the rest of you can enjoy yourselves safely. While a cab can be the easiest way to travel, some Saturday nights make it tough to find one.


There are plenty of ways to cut down using a car. For many people living in the city, it’s easier not to own a car. The further out of town you live, the tougher it can be to get about. But you can still car share or cycle to get around. Enjoy a healthier life free of your car.


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