Update Your Home’s Interior the Smart Way

There will come a point in every homeowner’s life, when they feel their home needs a bit of an update. However, you want to do this smart way. It makes no sense to go updating your home, only to decrease its value! Ideally, every update you make to the home will make it more valuable and efficient. This guide will give you a few ideas:


Speak With an Interior Designer


Don’t take this the wrong way; you don’t have to actually use the interior designer to do up your home. However, you could book a consultation with them. This might cost you a few notes, but you’ll end up seriously enlightened as to what you can improve in your home. They could give you some professional insight on things you can improve on and ways you can increase value. It’s all well and good getting tips on the internet, but speaking with a professional who can actually view your home will leave you with a tailored idea of what to do.

Update Your Home's Interior the Smart Way



Have a Home Inspection


Don’t just think of cosmetic things that need changing/improving. Have a home inspection to make sure nothing is seriously wrong with your house. After all, it doesn’t make a lot of sense spending thousands on cosmetics, when you could have an unstable roof! Make sure all of the important stuff is taken care of before you decide what cosmetic stuff you’re having done.


Replace Window Treatments


The old owners may have taken theirs with them, or you may be left with old window treatments that aren’t doing the job. I suggest you contact the leading shutter provider in your area to discuss what they can do for you. Some shutters can increase the value of the home and can even be energy efficient.


Pick Neutrals and Paint


Something as simple as updating your home with fresh paint can make a big difference. I’m a big neutral color fan, as they always look classy and fresh. You can add color using accessories and furniture too if you like. People are more inclined to buy a neutrally decorated home!


Include Energy Efficient Fixtures


If your fixtures aren’t energy efficient, consider servicing or replacing them. You’ll save money in the long run and make your house more attractive if you ever plan to sell.


Invest in a Total Kitchen Remodel


A total kitchen remodel may sound extravagant, but it can increase the value of your home by miles. You stand to make up to 60% on the initial investment you make when you plan to sell! However, you need to make sure that you don’t make your kitchen remodel too fancy for the rest of the house – it should still fit in!


Add More Storage


You can’t ever have enough storage. Consider adding more storage space by clearing out certain areas or by having an extension on your home. Clutter ruins the look of most homes, no matter how nice!


Be smart when you update your home by using these tips – you won’t regret it!


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