Up-cycling Your Recycling

Up-cycling Your RecyclingIn today`s world recycling is an essential part in everyday life; but did you ever stop to look at what you are putting in the recycling bin. Up-cycling takes discarded items and increases their inherent quality. The average recycle bin fills up quickly with plastic bottles and jars; if you take in a few of our suggestions we hope to spark your imagination, and change the way you look at your recycling.

Ideas for the Kitchen

Imagine a 67 fl. oz. (2L) pop bottle and making an indoor composter. With the marriage of two bottles, you can keep composting throughout the winter; producing enough nutrient rich compost for all you house plants and garden. The odorless container lets you see the development of your compost. When it is full, simple store it in a suitable area and easily up-cycle two more bottles and start again… now that`s turning plastic to good use.

In the Garage

Here`s an idea for reusing laundry detergent jugs. The thick plastic construction of the bottles and the inclusion of a built in handle make them perfect for rugged use and storage. Cut the bottles down from the handle diagonally, then across the bottle laterally ensuring a level cut. When the cuts are made, you have just made a perfect storage unit for holding screws, bolts and small parts. The laundry jug`s handle makes pulling your new storage container off the shelf-even high ones, safe and easy.

Off the Wall Ideas

How about turning your recycling into living art? With a collection of large plastic pop bottles you can. Simply lay the bottle down and cut a large rectangle out of the side, fill the bottle with a desired amount of dirt and you have a perfect planter. Use light weight pebbles to add more texture to the appearance of your planter if desired. Repeat the process making as many planters you want to hang, and with some wire suspend your planters down a wall in a pattern of your choice. For such a simple project the end effect is brilliant, the juxtaposition of the organic matter with the plastic make a bold unspoken statement.

Color Your World

If you get your imagination going you can come up with endless ideas for up-cycling plastic bottles and jars. With a wide selection of spray paints available at your hardware store, you can take you jars and transform them into unique storage and even colorful planters to match any décor. You can even take the color outside. Take a peek at your various sized plastic bottles and jars, now let your imagination run wild and think of how you can turn them into unique and stylish birdhouses.

The possibilities are truly endless, to get more inspiration on how to up-cycle your old plastic bottles and jars look on line at the various projects available online. Soon you will be transforming your recycling into functional and attractive pieces, taking what was to be discarded and giving it a lasting and more useful life.

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