Turning Your House Into A Home


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Is it time you injected a little bit of color or added some real opulence to your home? Perhaps you have lost a little bit of passion about the space you live in, or you have just got back from a fantastic vacation, and you realized that your home is missing the personal touch. Taking a walk around your home should be like a journey through your life. Each room is telling a little story about the inhabitants. You should drop hints as to what you enjoy, where you have been and who you are. With smart interior design, there are lots of ways you can do this, from the books on your shelves to the colors on your wall.


The first step is to create a mood board. This will give you an idea of the basic styling you like. So flick through magazines, look online and check out the interior design of the homes for sale in areas you aspire to live. Once you have an idea of what you like you can move on to the details.


Lighting can make a bold statement too, especially if you have great, high ceilings.  If you have the room, what could look more opulent than a crystal chandelier or a bold, colourful globe taking center stage?  You don’t have to spend a fortune, there are some great hacks to getting brilliant style on a budget.


Feature lamps are cool too and can give your guests a real hint to your wild side, especially if you check out this range of Abigail Ahern animal lamps.  You could also consider more modern sculptured lighting. If you have a bit of an old soul, you could head out to Walmart where they sell LED versions of the vintage light bulb. Very cool looking!


Your art or photography need to be sympathetic to the flow of your home.  A great rule of storytelling on your walls is to start at the beginning.  Hallways with images of your children or your childhood will set the mood for your guests.  Then throwing in some paintings or alternative photography that strikes something in your heart.  As you move to the living room, you could include some typography pieces which make a statement and allow your friends to understand how you see life.  Make pieces upstairs more intimate.


Create focal points which become talking points and make sure the person who influences the interior design of the house, is the person who is most affected by it.  You.  Keep your furniture and your color theme neutral throughout but use accent walls or textiles to throw a little bold color into your home.


This is your place, over anyone else. So the most important part of your home is how you feel in it. If your house tells a story of your life, then you can walk into any room and find joy, inspiration or peace. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your house feel like a home, just use your memories and your moments and it will be full of your magic!


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