Transform Your Kitchen Into Somewhere You Love

I don’t know about you, but I often find myself daydreaming about the perfect kitchen. While there is nothing wrong with my kitchen, it isn’t exactly, an amazing place. Yes, it meets its purpose, but it isn’t somewhere that I would elect to spend my time in.


Recently, because of this, I have been thinking a lot about my kitchen and how I could change it. I want to transform it into a space that is more than a kitchen. I want to make it somewhere for relaxing and socializing in, as well as cooking.

Transform Your Kitchen Into Somewhere You Love

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Since I started thinking about transforming my kitchen, I have been using Pinterest for inspiration. Just by looking on there, I have come up with lots of ideas. In case you are also thinking about giving your kitchen a revamp, I thought I would share my ideas with you, here:




When I started thinking about what I disliked most about my kitchen, I realized that it was the clutter. Before you start thinking about painting and all of that, the first thing that you need to do is declutter the space.


Go through each cupboard and storage area, working out what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Anything that you don’t want throw away, anything that you want, place in one area of the room.


Make it an organized space


Once you have got rid of all your junk, you should be left with everything that you want to keep in once place. Before putting all of these items away, you should spend some time organizing them.


If you want to ensure that your cupboards and kitchen storage areas stay tidy, you need to invest in boxes and tubs for keeping things neat. For example, if you want to keep your cutlery neat and tidy in the draw, you need to invest in a cutlery holder. For all the best custom designed in cupboard storage solutions, visit Drawer Essentials and have a look at what’s on offer.


You will find that you instantly want to spend more time in your kitchen if it is a more organized space. Once you have decluttered and got rid of any junk, you will be on track for an organized kitchen.


Add a seating area


If your table doesn’t live in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to adding a seating area to the room. Simply by adding a couple of comfortable armchairs, a rug, and a coffee table, you can change the look and feel of the room in a big way.


Swap your lights


Don’t settle for boring lighting. If you want your kitchen to be somewhere that you love, updating the decor is a must. Instead of plain lampshades, opt for something a little bit different for your kitchen. If you want to add a little glamor and elegance, consider swapping your regular lampshade for a chandelier type design.


Add personality


With the rest of our home, we make every effort to make the space personal, but often with our kitchens we don’t bother. However, that shouldn’t be the case. If you want your kitchen to be somewhere that you love, adding personality is a must.


This can be small photos dotted around and pieces of wall art that appeal to you, such as inspirational quotes. Or it can be homemade pieces of decor, such as bunting and your children’s school work.


When it comes to transforming your kitchen into somewhere you love, the key things are decluttering and adding personality to it.


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