Top Tips To Keep Your Cat Safe This Winter

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Whether you like it or not, winter is fast approaching, which means that you need to take action to keep your cat safe. The icy weather can easily cause a fully grown human illness or injury, but there are far more dangers out there that threaten the well-being of your little one. If you want to avoid having a sick or injured kitty this Christmas or facing something much worse, then follow the tips below.


  1. Keep Them Indoors

There are so many dangers outside that your cat has to face, such as cars, the icy cold weather, and antifreeze poisoning. The easiest way to avoid your cat getting hurt by one of these risks is by keeping them indoors. However, your cat will still need exercise while it’s inside, or it will try to get out, so make sure you play with it a lot.


  1. Make Them Identifiable

Unfortunately, as hard as you try, your cat could still get out of your home and could end up injured or stuck somewhere. Because of this, it’s important to make your cat as identifiable as you can. The first thing that you should do is make sure that your cat is microchipped and that your details are up to date. You can also put your name and phone number on their collar.


  1. Don’t Overfeed Them

Like humans, cats will eat when they’re bored. If you like to keep your cat’s food filled at all times, you might want to avoid this, as you won’t be able to keep track of how much your cat is eating, which means that they’re likely overeating. This could result in them getting overweight.


  1. Remember Flea Treatments

Although flea levels do tend to decrease during winter, it doesn’t mean that your treatments should too. Even throughout the festive period, you need to remember to purchase flea treatments, like one of the ones from Pet Bucket, and apply them when you’re supposed to. If you don’t, you could get a flea infestation for Christmas.


  1. Put Away Toxic Chemicals

Unfortunately, antifreeze is incredibly toxic to cats, and since it’s everywhere during winter, it’s a massive danger to them. It also smells and tastes sweets to your furry friends, so they won’t think anything of having a lick. Because of this, you need to make sure that you don’t leave any lying around your own home.


  1. Think Of Other Kitties Too!

It’s not just your own cats that you have to think about throughout winter; You should also think of homeless kitties and ones that have managed to get out of their homes. Cats naturally seek the warm, especially when it’s so cold, which is why so many cats climb into car engines. Before starting your car make sure to check the tyres, bang the hood, and honk your horn, to scare away any sleeping kitties.


Winter may be magical to you, but to animals like cats, it can be incredibly dangerous. If you want to keep your cat and others safe this winter, then follow the tips above.  



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