The Signs Your Home Needs A Repair And How To Fix It

Autumn is the perfect time for making sure that your home is up to scratch. It’s a good idea to have a look around, checking that there aren’t any repairs needed before the darker months set in. I often find myself looking at possible home repairs in Autumn before the weather gets worse and exterior DIY is almost impossible. However, to make the repairs you need to know the signs that things need fixing. That’s where this post is going to help a lot. I’m going to talk about some of the biggest signs your home is due a repair.

The Signs Your Home Needs A Repair And How To Fix It

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Damp Walls


Have you ever looked around your home and found damp patches on walls? It probably doesn’t bother you all that much and just looks a little unseemly, right? That’s how I used to feel about damp patches, until I realised what it could turn into. Damp often leads to mold after some time and that is not a problem that you want to have to deal with. Instead, you should focus on stopping the damp before it reaches this level. An easy solution is just to improve the air circulation in the room. You can do this by installing a fan or using a humidifier. If the damp patches are near windows, there could be a problem with the insulation. You can fix this by upgrading your windows to double or triple glazing.


Poor Drainage


In Autumn, the rain starts to fall more often. For some of us, that can turn our gardens into a lake. If you have this issue, it’s usually because you have high soil density and a flat yard. The water has no way of draining, and that’s a problem. You might even find it starts to damage the inside of your home with water damage in your basement. But, yard drainage problems are an easy fix as long as you get the right people on the job. Speak to a professional landscaper and see if they can offer you any simple solutions. You don’t want this problem during the winter months when the snow melts.


Roof Damage


A bad storm can easily damage a roof without us noticing. We don’t often see our roof from a bird’s eye point of view unless we’re checking out Google Maps. But, there’s an easy way to tell if your roof is damaged. Pop up into the attic and see if any natural light is seeping through. If it is, you’ve got a hole in your roof that needs to be repaired by a roofer. Leaving it alone could lead to further damage and leaks. It can also allow birds to start nesting in your attic, and aside from the noise, you’ll also have to deal with the mess they leave around.


Boiler Issues


There is one clear sign that there is a problem with your boiler. Your energy usage is going to be through the roof, and your bills are going to be incredibly high. If they are, it’s time to get a boiler inspection. By catching a repair early, you can avoid having to buy a replacement boiler. This can cost as much as five grand!


By knowing these signs you’ll be able to make the repairs before they cause more serious issues. I hope this helps.


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