The Safe House (For Your Elderly Relative)


Old age is something that is difficult to come to terms with, and along with the health concerns, the personal impact is huge on both sides of the equation, from the perspective of the relatives of the person, or the person themself. When you have to think about the best way to care for them, the best thing to do in this respect is to plan and prepare to make them as safe as possible in the property they are going to stay in, and so, whether this is them moving in with you, or you need to make their home safer, what is the best way forward?


Providing Extra Physical Support

In this respect, you should make the most of the things like bath rails, handrails, as well as stair lifts if they are needed. You need to ensure that you make enough space for your loved one to stay with you, and this means reducing the trip hazards as much as possible. In addition to this, the large items need to go. If you got someone moving in with you, they need to be able to get around safely and without hazards. So be sure to provide that support in whatever way you can.


The Moral Support

This can be very difficult if you are working a full-time job and you have them live with you, and a lot of guilt can creep up on you in this respect. There are support services that you could make the most of, there are places like Seniors for Seniors elder care services, who don’t just help with the basics, such as hygiene, but the choice of support is a vital component of the overall morale of your loved one. It’s very easy to leave them to sit in the corner, and stimulated, and this is terrible for them. If you are unable to provide that moral support, whether it is due to a lack of time, you need to make sure that you can find someone that is able to. We all need care and attention, and you wouldn’t feel good if you were left in the corner like this.


Time Away From The House

It needs to be more than just the four walls; it’s time to start scheduling things, depending on the state of their health. There are plenty of activities that are suitable and aren’t strenuous or stressful. Overall, getting out, seeing friends, and being in a group of people who are going through the same thing is great for their frame of mind. So, these little trips to the bingo, they may not be a major thing, but it could be something they are looking forward to doing very much. Make sure they get out as much as possible.


Preventing Mental Decline

This is possibly the biggest concern of all when your loved one is feeling so bereft that they may feel isolated, or feel tempted to give up, which can rear its ugly head. To help prevent this, you need to be sure that there is a positive framework for your loved one to vent their frustrations, and set aside the appropriate time for them, as well as asking them about how they feel.


It can be a massive thing to either have someone move in with you or making sure that your loved one is well looked after in their own home. You need to prepare adequately, but also make sure you understand the effects, personal and emotional, before setting everything in stone.

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