The Most Common Roof Problems

Roof problems are always difficult to deal with, but you need to know what to look out for. So, here are the most common roof problems.

The Most Common Roof Problems



Leaks can be hard to detect if you never venture up into your attic. But they can still cause a lot of damage to your home if they are left to leak continually for long periods of time. If there are any holes in the roof, whenever it rains, or there’s snow, water will enter the home. And this will then lead to mold and rot in the wood inside the home, and that’s never much fun to deal with. It’s important to go up into the attic and check for any gaps and leaks to make sure that this doesn’t happen.




Small animals and birds will take advantage of any gaps or problems with your roof given the opportunity. This is one of the reasons why it’s vital to check for any gaps and make sure that you fill them when you find them. When birds or animals get into the roof and build a nest, it can cause corrosion and much larger damage to the roof. To get them out, you’ll need to call in a pest control expert. And then, once they’re gone, you will need to put a net lining inside the roof to make sure they don’t get in again.


Gaps in the Flashing


Flashing is the thing that is used to seal any gaps. For example, if you have a skylight installed, the edges will be sealed with flashing. When there are holes and gaps in the flashing, this causes all kinds of things to go wrong. It can make the surrounding tiles more likely to become loose and slide off. And it will also lead to leaks if the interior of the home is exposed to the gap in the flashing. The main cause of these problems is poor installation, so make sure you let a reliable professional carry out the work.


Loose Tiles


This is perhaps the most common of all roof problems that people face. Tiles that have been up on the roof for a long time can sometimes slide off. Sometimes it’s simply because of their age; sometimes it’s down to the weather; and sometimes it’s because they weren’t fitted correctly. To try to avoid this happening, you need to make sure you check the roof regularly and make sure the tiles are secured as well as possible. It’s a good idea to buy the best and only cordless roofing nailer on the market and use that to secure any loose tiles. But only attempt this if you feel able,




When something collides with your roof, it’s likely to puncture it and cause a big problem. This usually happens during a storm or other adverse weather conditions. If the wind picks up items and carries them off the ground and into your roof, you’ve got a problem. The main problem is when trees close to the home are uprooted and crash down on your roof. The only way to try to avoid this is to cut down the trees that are close to your home so that they won’t be able to damage your roof.


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