The Labrador Retriever: A Purebred Perfect For Family Life

Dogs can be a great addition to the family home; if they’re trained properly, they make loyal, protective, and playful companions to people of every age. However, some dogs are more suited than others to the hustle and bustle of a busy household, with kids and other pets, and will settle in almost straight away. If you’re looking for a purebred canine to enhance your family lifestyle; the Labrador retriever is an excellent choice for many reasons.


With any pet; there will be unexpected costs and issues along the way, however, well-suited the dog is to their owners. Therefore, it’s worth putting some effort to learn more about the breed and understand the time and costs it will take to look after your new dog, and how to give it a healthy and happy life. The following are some tips for those who are considering buying their first thoroughbred pooch, and why a Labrador retriever is an option, they shouldn’t ignore.


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Whether you bring home a yellow, black, or chocolate colored labrador; their personalities will all be just as playful and curious. You’ll need to look into how to train your new puppy properly, and, as with any breed; early training and discipline is the key to a content dog and happy owners. Young, active families are best suited to this loveable breed; labs are known for their agility skills, and due to their size and strength, they’ll need daily exercise to keep them healthy and stimulated. Labradors are friendly dogs, so would integrate well with existing pets and dogs they meet when in the park; they’ll also enjoy play time with the children in the family, and can be trained to be gentle with little ones.


As a dog from the sporting category; inactive households are not a favorable environment for the Labrador, as they’ll become restless, depressed, and these can sometimes lead to aggressive and antisocial behavior. Therefore, you need to think about how your family’s personality fits with this purebred companion, as well as the other way around. Check out sites like and discover if your personalities are a match made in heaven.




You’ll need to seek expert and experienced advice if you’re bringing home a puppy or dog; whether it’s a purebred pooch or a rescue dog with an unknown background. Therefore, it’s worth looking at sites like who are a great resource of information and contacts regarding purebred and championship breeds. It’s worth contacting those who already own and have experience with labradors, to pick up tips and training techniques that are suited to the bred. You might even discover events and meetups where you can take your pooch along to meet others from their distant family, and chat with those in your position.




Buying your Labrador from a reputable and registered breeder will help to illuminate the health and temperament risks associated with poorly bred dogs. This is not a time to grab a bargain; make sure you see paperwork and check out the breeder’s background and references. You’ll need to invest in pet insurance and make sure that your new family pet is always up-to-date on their vaccinations and preventative treatments. Put as much effort into your Labrador as you would any other family member, and enjoy a long and happy life together.


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