The Dog Life: It’s A Little Ruff

When you decide to rescue a dog, you imagine the walks, the playful tug of war and the special treats that you can buy them for when they are housebroken. It’s not often daydreamed that you may have a dog with an anxiety disorder. Having a dog that has a nervous disposition is not easy to cope with. It’s a challenge for the dog and must be exhausting for them to deal with, let alone you. It takes an awful lot of patience and understanding from you to help an anxious dog become more secure.

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Some dogs are born naturally shy and anxious and some dogs are made that way as a matter of circumstance. A bad upbringing in a previous family can immediately make a dog feel stressed and anxious, and it’s up to you to try and settle your new dog. Helping a dog to learn to trust you, to settle into your home and give them an easier daily life isn’t always easy. However, as a dog owner you have a responsibility to make your dog feel happier and more secure. We’ve got some tips to help you to train your dog to trust you and make them feel happier.

Music. When you are feeling stressed, you may find that music is a great way to help your brain relax and release some tension. Dogs are no different. There are studies like this one that have shown that playing classical pieces can calm your dog down and help their anxiety in a way that nothing else can.

Medication. There are plenty of calming tablets on the market at the moment that you can use to help your dog to feel calm. You can also buy these in the form of dog treats and even CBD pet snacks to help combat anxiety in your dog. Not everyone likes the idea of medicating their pet, but if other natural methods aren’t working, it could be the way to go.

Mat Behaviour. Dogs like to have a job to do, and if you have the cash you should see a dog trainer to help to teach your dog about mat behaviour. This gives your dog a safe place to go when chaos is happening, and gives them a job to do. Their job? Stay on the mat calmly.

Reflection. Your behaviour and mood can sometimes be mirrored in your pet. If you are anxious and flapping in panic, then your dog will pick up on that mood and emulate it. Make a point of using calming tones and actions to show your dog that there is nothing to worry about, and they will mimic you and feel secure.

Consistency. If you can introduce a routine that is regular and consistent, your dog will be able to interpret what comes next. Your actions matter and when you keep their rules the same, they can learn security.

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An anxious dog deserves as much love and attention as any other dog, and you shouldn’t feel like you cannot cope. Reach out for help in the right places and you and your dog will soon have the loving relationship that any companionship deserves.


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