Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – 7 Interesting Uses For Paper Towels

Papers are a necessity in a person’s life. From the childhood till the last breath of your life, papers have been a promising friend. Paper towel is an item of utility. It can be used only once unlike the cloth towels. Apart from using it for kitchen and rest room purposes, there are several other […]

Up-cycling Your Recycling

In today`s world recycling is an essential part in everyday life; but did you ever stop to look at what you are putting in the recycling bin. Up-cycling takes discarded items and increases their inherent quality. The average recycle bin fills up quickly with plastic bottles and jars; if you take in a few of […]

Repurposed Beauty Supplies for Crafting

I was following a tutorial that required a file sander in lieu of sand paper. I couldn’t find any at the craft or dollar store, so I improvised. I dug out the trusty nail file, only to realize the whole kit is useful in making jewelry and crafting in general. Nail File – This is […]