Buy Used When Brand-New is out of Reach

For some reason, we associate used merchandise with inferior quality or other problems making it worth less than new counterparts.  The fact is, most of the homes we live in are used, and certainly flats and apartments are not constructed for each new tenant.  What if every motorist required a brand new car?  The streets […]

How to Choose the Perfect Prom Dress

So you or your daughter are going to prom. This is an exciting–and possibly once in a lifetime–event. You want to make it memorable. The best part is picking the perfect dress. When choosing a prom dress you have a large variety of choices. You may decide to get a long dress that goes all […]

How to Get the Best Deals on Amazon and Amazon Marketplace

Contrary to popular belief, everything isn’t always cheaper on Amazon. However, knowing how and when to shop on Amazon can help ensure that you always get the best deal possible – even if you end up having to go off of Amazon to get it. A few things to keep in mind… Amazon is not […]

Eat Well for Less: Saving Money at the Supermarket

We all need to eat, and one can hardly consider a trip to the supermarket to be a luxury. Yet we often end up spending much more than we intended at the supermarket, buying items we really do not need, or spending more than necessary on those that we do need. Here are some tips […]

Shopping for Formal Clothing on a Budget

Every woman should have a few pieces of formal clothing in her closet. These are the dresses and skirts that come out for special occasions – weddings, nights out at the opera, dinner parties, and romantic weekend getaways. These special items usually come with a premium price tag which means that sticking to a budget […]

Dollar Store Craft Shopping List

I am always trying to be frugal and getting stuff on the cheap. I have started to compiling a running craft store shopping list of supplies to look for and get at the dollar store as needed. Most of these items are just plain cheaper there than even Walmart, let alone the craft store (even […]