Soap Sock {Knit and Crochet Pattern}

Soap socks make great gifts that work up fast! The wool felts as you use it, making it a great natural exfoliant. It shrinks with the soap. This is a very customizable project. All you need to do is knit or crochet wide enough to snugly wrap around the soap, then close it off. My […]

Free Knitting Pattern: Fan Lace Tunic

  Awesome free knitting pattern to work on for Thanksgiving from Lion Brand! This long fan lace tunic/vest/sweater is perfect with leggings! Click here to go to the free pattern. Materials: • Pound of Love Yarn: Beige ball • Circular Knitting Needles 16 inches Size 9  • Circular Knitting Needles 29 inches Size 9  • […]

How to make a knitting basket cake

This is so awesome! When I first saw this, I thought it was the picture of inspiration for the cake, not the actual cake. Check out this tutorial on how to make a knitting basket cake. It has step-by-step photos to walk all skill levels through it.

Design Your Own Afghan Pattern {diy}

Lion Brand has come out with this nifty tool to create your own afghan pattern in which colors you choose and email it to yourself. Really cool tool if you wanna play with different color combinations and styles before buying the yarn. Would be awesome if they added it to their other big afghan patterns […]

How to Make a Yarn Spool Box {diy}

I have yarn knotted together and jumbled up all over the place beside my bed (where I generally work on knitting and crochet projects while watching TV). So when I came across this yarn spool box, I thought it was perfect. Now more chasing the ball around, or even turning a perfectly made skein into […]

How to Make a Center Pull Ball {diy}

This is a brilliant idea on how to make a center pull ball of yarn with a paper towel holder!

Dog Sweater to Knit/Crochet Roundup Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Knitting and Crochet dog sweater pattern roundup: “The Boyfriend” Dog Sweater Ruffrageous Dog Sweater Pink is the New Puppy Sweater Button-up Dog Sweater Satin I-Matey Dog Coat Cable Sweater for Ollie Pup Sweater Hearts and Bones Dog Sweater Dog Sweater – Linda’s Version Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern How to […]

Dog Sweater to Knit/Crochet Roundup Part 1

My little handsome man, Ralphie, is a 6-month-old Chihuahua. It’s starting to get chilly outside, so I bought him a jacket (super cute and I will post pics when it comes in the mail!), but I want to hand make him a sweater in the house. Poor lil guy shivers and it breaks my heart. […]

Heart Coaster {free knitting pattern}

Heart Coaster [Ravel-It!] Materials: Lion Brand Micro Spun (green and pink) Size 7 needles Heart Chart (optional) Techniques Used: KG – Knit green (i.e. K3G means knit 3 green) PG – Purl green (i.e. P3G means purl 3 green) KP – Knit Pink (i.e. K3P means knit 3 pink) PP – Purl Pink (i.e. P3P […]