Fantastic Ways To Turn Your Living Room Into A Family Friendly Space

(Photo source)   Creating a living room that is suitable for the whole family to relax in and enjoy can seem impossible. Especially when younger children and mess seem to go hand in hand, which can make it difficult to keep your family living room neat, tidy and looking good.   But, just because you […]

10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Conservatory More Luxurious This Spring

link to flickr   We made great plans and were so excited when our pride and joy was first built. We handed our life savings over to the conservatory company, and sat in there every spare moment we had. Slowly though, and without us really noticing, the creeping menace of junk settled. The things we […]

5 Quick Living Room Revamp Ideas for 2014

Flickr Image   A New Year always gives us fresh enthusiasm and the desire to revamp our lives. If you’re planning on sprucing up some rooms in the house this year, but are already starting to lack motivation (or funds) then these quick revamp ideas for the living room will get you going again.   […]

Get Great Results With These Practical Home Improvement Tips

There are many tools and regulations you have to learn about and pick from.The tips below will help you with your home improvement goals. It is vital that you always change your air filters when needed. Many service calls that these repairmen face are due to dirty filters. Padding sharp corners of furniture is another […]

Tips for Cleaning Your Upholstery

Keeping upholstery clean can be a tough job, particularly because these furnishings are used so regularly that they tend to be prone to accidental spills. Just one stain on a sofa can leave it looking discolored, which is why it’s best to have a plethora of cleaning tips in hand to use in every type […]