30 Day Challenge For Craft Month – Day 1 Earrings

I have made a few pairs of earrings for my etsy shop. This pair is: These earrings feature four black glass rondelle shaped beads each on bronze wire hooks, hammer hardened for a rustic and simple design. Minimal and beautiful. Length is approximately 2 inches. You can find me here:  Desperate Houselife Blog with Free […]

How to Make Beaded Feather Earrings {diy}

I have been “scrap” busting lately, and I have a ton of fun colored feathers from various projects. I decided to throw together another easy tutorial on how to make these cute beaded feather earrings. Materials: 2 feathers 2 beads 2 connectors 2 ear wires jewelry pliers glue (not shown) Step 1: Place beads onto […]

DIY Fancy Chandelier Earrings

Agape Love Designs just released a tutorial on how to make these Fancy Chandelier Earrings and I just HAD to try out the tutorial. I loved it. This is my version! You can buy a pair here if you aren’t craftily inclined!

Dorinda Button Earrings Tutorial

This tutorial is sponsored by Lots of Buttons. They are a site that specializes in all sorts of buttons. There are synthetic, leather, shell, plastic, even coconut buttons! Anyone who has a button fetish will love their site. They were generous enough to gift me with some buttons to create this tutorial on how to […]

Covered Button Earrings Tutorial

Possibilities are endless when it comes to covered buttons. There are so many fabric choices, or you can custom print, embellish, add lace… well you get the idea. Here is a super easy tutorial on how to whip up a pair of covered button earrings. These took me less than 5 minutes to make!     […]

Super Easy Mini Doily Earrings Tutorial

I found an awesome find at the thrift store (my absolute favorite place to be outside of the craft store). You would be surprised how many craft supplies you can get there mega cheap. I get fabric all the time! I lucked out on this last trip and got a ton of polymer clay at […]

Purple Dangle Earrings Tutorial

Mats: Chain 4 square purple beads (or color of your choosing) 4 headpins 2 earring hooks 2 small jump rings (not shown) needle nose pliers Step 1: Place each headpin through each square bead. Cut the wire approximately 1/4 inch from the top of the bead and fold to the side. Step 2: Holding the […]

Leafy Green Earrings Tutorial

This is my first jewelry tutorial, so bear with me. Jewelry making is my new passion, and I consider myself a jack of all trades, master of none (hah)! I’ve been self-teaching and I started making some custom jewelry for a few craft fairs I’m going to do with my mother, so I thought I’d […]