How to Curl Your Hair with Only Foil and a Flat Iron

 This video is really cool. It’s a quick tutorial on how to curl your hair with just foil and a flat iron. Pretty much anyone can do it with any length of hair, and you can adjust the curls to your preference by wrapping around more or less fingers. Let me know how it works […]

Mineral Make Up- Best Choice for Sensitive Skin

The use of mineral make-up products instead of make-up products that are chemically based bears considerable advantages. Mineral make-up is beneficial to individuals with sensitive skin, as it cannot be absorbed into the skin’s pores. This in effect means that individuals with skin problems such as acne, rosacea or general dryness can use mineral make-up […]

First Impressions Last: 7 Ways to Impress Someone

People have their own reason why they make an effort to impress someone. Every perfume and piece of clothing they wear and every place they go, they want to feel they belong. Whether it’s their boss, a prospective client, a love interest or even their own kin, it’s human nature to please someone and seek […]

What ingredients to look for in a Good facial Cleanser

There are several facial cleanser products available on the market. How do we know which one is the best? The secret lies in finding a product with ingredients designed to cleanse the skin and remove excess dirt, grime and other elements which can clog the facial pores.  Choosing a facial cleanser that is right for […]

Hyperpigmentation and Ways of Treating It

When some people grow older, their skin begins to have dark spots in some areas and it could even spread to their finger and toe nails. This is called hyperpigmentation and simply means there is large amount of melanin production, which gives color to the skin. Rather than call up the closest plastic surgeon, if […]

How to Use $10 to Change Your Life with Avon

Just $10 & you OWN your own business……….tell me where else you can go & buy a business for $10?…………………..Share this with your friends & for the next month if they contact me to join my winning Avon Team you choose $50 in FREE Avon of your choice after they place their first Avon order!! It’s […]

Tips To Help You Develop Your Own Fashion Sense

You are probably already aware that fashion plays a big role in everyone’s lives. We might not confess it, but our clothing greatly affects our self-esteem. The article ahead is for anyone that is trying to improve their fashion in their every day life. Carry a small sewing kit around to help with little repairs. […]

You: Being Beautiful – 3 Copies {Book Giveaway}

Want to win 1 of 3 copies of You: Being Beautiful – The Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty by M. Oz? Publication Date: November 11, 2008 | ISBN-10: 1416572341 | Edition: 1 Most people think that beauty revolves around such things as lipstick, sweet eyes, or skinny jeans — all those things that we can see (and obsess over) […]

1950′S Inspired Ponytail

Repurposed Beauty Supplies for Crafting

I was following a tutorial that required a file sander in lieu of sand paper. I couldn’t find any at the craft or dollar store, so I improvised. I dug out the trusty nail file, only to realize the whole kit is useful in making jewelry and crafting in general. Nail File – This is […]

How To Clean A Comb/Brush

I don’t know about you, but I tease my hair and always end up with dried up hairspray on my comb. It’s a specialty comb so I don’t want to just keep buying new ones as I had always done before. A few tips passed down to me to try: 1. Take 2 brushes/combs and […]