Tackling Rust on Your Wrought Iron

Tackling Rust on Your Wrought IronTackling Rust on Your Wrought Iron

The beauty of wrought iron is undeniable, but it’s slightly rough texture and sometimes-intricate designs means that it holds on to dust and dirt more than other materials. Therefore, your metal furniture might need a little TLC every now and then. Here’s how to remove the dirt and rust that can accumulate, plus some ways to protect the metal into the future.


Getting Ready

Removing rust from wrought iron isn’t difficult, but you should have all the items you will need at hand before you get started. Have these items nearby:

  • Safety glasses and strong rubber gloves are always best to use when doing household projects.
  • A spray bottle with a mix of water and a little dish soap
  • For heavily rusted items, you can use kerosene and steel wool.
  • Protect your work surface with newspaper or a drop cloth.


Scrubbing Time

The amount of actual cleaning you need to do will depend on what kind of rust you have accumulated. If there are rust stains but no flaking, you can use the spray bottle to soak the surface and gently scrub with a cloth. If there are deeper stains, try the kerosene-and-steel-wool combination. If there is flaking rust and heavier pitting, you will probably need to scrub the iron with a wire brush.



After the rust is removed, you have a few options for preventing further damage. Your choice will likely depend whether you use your wrought iron items indoors or out.

  • You can paint outdoor furniture using a spray paint designed specifically for metal.
  • You can coat the iron in liquid wax for a clear protective layer.
  • You can dissolve deep, heavy rust with naval jelly, then coat with varnish.


The decision to add the beauty of wrought iron décor to your home is always a good one. Take care of your investment by putting in a little time to maintain it properly so you can enjoy these items for years to come.



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