Super Easy Rhinestone Bangle {DIY}

DIY Rhinestone Bangle


This is a super easy base tutorial on how to make a rhinestone bangle. I am going to build onto it in my next tutorial to make a crocheted color block rhinestone bangle. I made a post a while back putting on in my etsy shop. But there are so many things you can do with this. Add lace, chain, or other embellishments!


All you need are glue (I just used super glue but E-6000 or Hypo Cement are great options as well), a plain silver bangle and rhinestone chain.

rhinestone bangle diy

I added a little bit of glue at a time (as it dries quickly) and slowly worked my way around the bangle gluing it in the middle of the silver bangle. Wrap the chain around the bangle first or measure its surface with measuring tape so you can get an exact measurement on how much rhinestone chain to trim.
rhinestone bangle diy

Since I used super glue, it was dry within minutes. Not bad for some 5 minute bling, eh?  

PS – I party here!


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