“Springing” Your Property Onto The Spring Market


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With Spring now just around the corner, homeowners and property developers alike are likely looking forward to waving Winter goodbye and seeing the tides turning in their favour. With the warm, bright seasons ahead of us, the time for sprucing up your property on the outside to really make your mark on potential buyers is upon you. Your garden can flourish under warmer temperatures, and, let’s be honest, your entire home will simply look better in the sunlight from the outside.


Of course, using the psychological effects of sunlight and a pretty garden to help reel in prospective buyers from the property market is only one small part of the equation when it comes to selling your property. The market is tricky at the moment, and any competition that is out there is fierce. You need to be making improvements both inside and outside the house to nail that exterior appeal and interior appeal. The steps to selling your home for a top value this spring might vary from person to person and house to house, but there are some safe places to start.


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Forget personal touches and think about the “consumer”.

Maybe you don’t see yourself a business owner, but, essentially, you’re trying to sell a product to a market, and that market is full of people who want to choose their own future home. If you’re selling a property that you’ve owned for a long time with your partner or your family, then your personal touches might distract potential buyers from viewing the house as anything but your home.


Future homeowners want to see an open space in their potential new home; a blank canvas on which they can paint their own memories and add their own personal touches. I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep quirky or intriguing furnishings which add character, colour and intrigue to your property, because there needs to be something to captivate the imagination, but sentimental photographs and things such as that might as well be packed away now.


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A fresh lick of paint.

This one’s self-explanatory, but conducting a little DIY around the property, no matter how experienced you may or may not be in the art of design or construction, is an essential ingredient to giving your home that “new” feel. Your property might have looked fresh and sparkling when you bought it ten years ago, but it’s probably time to add a fresh coat of paint on all the walls. Going for a creamy or a white colour keeps things simple, fresh and open; perfect for spring. Potential buyers will see an opportunity to add their own creative ideas when they see your minimalist rooms painted in neutral, yet bright and enticing colours.


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The exterior is key.

As I mentioned earlier, the exterior and interior are just as important as each other in the selling process. First of all, you’ll need to tidy up the outside area. You might have weeds coming through the cracks in the pavement or overgrown grass in your garden. It might be time to look into an extension cord for electric lawn mower, because getting into all the nooks and crannies of a big outdoor area is harder than you might think.


Buyers will see the outside of your home before anything else, so you should really be dressing to impress. Simple landscaping isn’t too much of a burden, and you might find it even simpler than the interior design element of the renovating process. Adding some potted plants or growing some flowers in your front and back garden is enough to completely lift the outdoor area of a property.

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