Soap Sock {Knit and Crochet Pattern}

Soap socks make great gifts that work up fast! The wool felts as you use it, making it a great natural exfoliant. It shrinks with the soap. This is a very customizable project. All you need to do is knit or crochet wide enough to snugly wrap around the soap, then close it off. My version is crochet, but I will add a knit variation as well for those who prefer to knit. This also makes a great beginner project. 



  • 100% wool yarn
  • bar of soap (i used Zest cocoa butter. It smells amazing and everyone commented on it)
  • crochet hook or knitting needles to match yarn thickness. 
  • yarn needle


  1. Ch 18
  2. loop around the soap to make sure it fits.
  3. Dc around. 7 rows (or height you need for your soap)
  4. turn inside out. sl st around the outside the outside. do 2 out of 3 sides.
  5. turn right side out and slip bar in. sl st last row.

DIY Soap Sock {Crochet Pattern / Knitting Pattern}DIY Soap Sock {Crochet Pattern / Knitting Pattern}DIY Soap Sock {Crochet Pattern / Knitting Pattern}


*Gauge and hook aren’t too important. Just make sure it fits well over the soap. It will felt with use. If you want a reusable one, use cotton yarn.
Adjust number of stitches to fit your yarn and soap sizes.

Knit version:

  1. co 26 st (or amount needed to fit around your soap
  2. work stockinette to proper height. 
  3. use a crochet hook to close like in pattern above. if you don’t know how to crochet, you can sew closed with yarn needle. DIY Soap Sock {Crochet Pattern / Knitting Pattern}

DIY Soap Sock {Crochet Pattern / Knitting Pattern}


  1. Great idea, especially as a hostess or teachers gift and I love the idean of adding a bowdabra bow!!


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