Signs Your Furnace Needs Repaired

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repaired


As we settle into colder months, you’ll want to be sure that your furnace is in good working condition so that when it’s blustery outdoors, it’s cozy indoors. However, it can be hard to get that warm, toasty feeling if your heater isn’t working properly. In order to ensure you keep warm during this winter season, it’s helpful if you know what to look out for so you can address issues early on. Here are a few signs your furnace may need to be repaired.


Strange Noises

If you notice a thump, bump, rattle, or scraping noise coming from our furnace, that could be an early sign that something’s wrong. You shouldn’t ignore your furnace if you hear something out of the ordinary, because chances are the noise won’t go away on its own. Instead, you should turn your furnace off immediately to prevent further damage from happening and call an HVAC professional to come look at your furnace right away. They’ll be able to troubleshoot your unit to determine what’s going on and make a recommendation for an appropriate fix.


Problems Staying On

Do you turn your furnace on only to have it shut right back off again? Or perhaps it kicks on and off constantly without actually heating up your home. If your furnace doesn’t run properly, that’s usually a telltale sign that something could be up. Constant cycling should be taken seriously and addressed by a professional.


You’ve Ignored Maintenance

Can you remember the last time you’ve had your furnace serviced? If the answer is no, that could be indicative of a larger problem. Neglecting to conduct yearly maintenance, routine heating system repairs, and basic troubleshooting of your furnace can shorten the overall lifespan of your unit and create secondary problems that may have been avoidable with a routine service plan. Add regular maintenance to your calendar to ensure your furnace stays in good working condition.


High Heating Bills

If you notice your monthly heating bill spike without an increase in usage, it could be a sign of issues with your furnace. This could be because your unit isn’t operating as efficiently and is doing extra work to keep your home warm. Check with an HVAC technician to see how to maximize your furnace without increasing your bill— it may be as simple as a routine cleaning and maintenance.


Bad Thermostat Connection

Your thermostat is the central control to your furnace and keeps it running efficiently. If you’re suddenly finding you have to crank the thermostat way up in order to get it to produce the same amount of heat in your home, there could be a larger problem that needs to be  addressed. Sometimes the issue is simple, such as a blown fuse or loose wiring, but you shouldn’t try to address it yourself unless you have experience with wiring and electrical equipment. It’s usually best to leave the work to an HVAC professional.


Old Age

You could complete yearly routine maintenance, change your filters every month, and address issues every time they come up and you may still find yourself having furnace issues. If that’s the case, stop and ask yourself how old your unit is. If it’s a couple decades old, chances are your furnace is simply nearing the end of its lifespan and needs replaced. If that’s the case, talk with your HVAC company about finding the right unit for your home.


Next time your furnace makes a strange noise, you notice your thermostat acting up, or you see a spike in your heating bill, remember these tips and give your local HVAC professional a call. The sooner you address any potential issues with your furnace, the longer you can maximize its lifespan and keep your home warm and comfortable for you and your family.


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