Set Up a Sweet Sanctuary in Your Backyard

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Having your own private space is always important, whether that means somewhere just for you or for your whole family. If you love getting outside, perhaps you enjoy spending time in your backyard when you can. However, if you also like your privacy, you might find that you feel a little exposed when you’re outside. Some people have the luxury of no neighbors for miles around, but others have to be aware of who could be looking into their yard. Your garden should be a sanctuary, where you don’t have to worry about anyone watching you. If you want to make sure it is one, there are some things you should try.


Block the View from Your Neighbors


The first thing you probably want to think about if you want a private sanctuary in your backyard is who can see into your garden. Ideally, no one would be able to see you when you’re sunbathing on the lawn or sitting on the deck with a book. It can be difficult to block every view into your backyard, but you can be clever about the setup. Firstly, a solid border will help to prevent your closest neighbors looking in. You might like to exchange some polite words with them, but you don’t want them being nosy all the time.


A fence around the perimeter of your yard is a good start, and it should be tall. You might prefer something else, such as a row of hedges. Safety is another issue that might get you thinking about fencing off your yard. If you have a pool, there is always a chance of neighborhood kids spotting it and wandering in. You don’t want that, as you could be liable if anything happens.


In some cases, a fence might not be enough. After all, it might stop neighbors to your left and right looking in from their own yards, but what about those who could see you from above? Sometimes, a tall border around your yard helps to keep them out, if their view is from a particular angle. But there are other times when you need to be a bit more creative if you want your private space. You might need to think about how to create privacy from above, using things like gazebos, pergolas and other covers. Your whole backyard doesn’t have to be completely private. You just might want some areas completely to yourself.


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Soundproof Your Garden


Another way to make your garden more private, as well as more peaceful, is to consider soundproofing it. While you can’t block out all noise (or keep all sounds in), you can make some moves to reduce how sound travels into and out of your backyard. If you’ve put up a fence, that’s a good start in soundproofing your space. It also helps to have a more natural border to absorb sounds. Bushes and hedges will help to prevent sound traveling, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors or being disturbed by them.


Build a Deck or Patio for Living


If you want to create a relaxing sanctuary in your backyard, you should have some living space, where you can enjoy yourself. A deck or patio are both excellent choices to make a separate area with seating and other elements to help you get comfortable. If you don’t already have either of these, you need to build one. You might decide to do it yourself, which isn’t too hard with a little DIY knowledge. But if you don’t want the hassle, you can just as easily get someone else to do it. Once you have your deck or patio, you need to set it up so it’s the perfect place to relax. You can get a patio set for a dining or living area for ultimate comfort. Choose from sofas and armchairs, sun loungers, benches, and tables of all shapes and sizes. Everyone likes to relax differently so your patio or deck area might focus on dining, or it could be somewhere you could take a nap.


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Consider a Private Gazebo


You don’t always want to make your home backyard a private area, but you might want one small part of it to call your own. If you consider a gazebo, you can make it a small, private section of your yard. They can come in lots of styles and shapes, from traditional wooden gazebos to temporary tent structures that you can easily take down when you want to. It’s an excellent option for having a sheltered area, free from nosy neighbors or even anyone you live with. A gazebo could become a good spot to read or write, somewhere to listen to music or watch movies, or somewhere to meditate.


Add a Pool or Hot Tub


To turn your backyard into a sanctuary, the addition of a pool or hot tub (or both) should definitely be considered. Being able to swim or lounge in the water is a great way to unwind. A swimming pool gives you somewhere to get your daily exercise whenever it’s warm enough, without having to leave your home. If you do want to have a pool, you might want to think carefully about privacy. Some people want to make sure they have as much privacy as possible when they wear their bathing suit outside. If there’s no space for a pool, or you just don’t want one, a hot tub is an excellent alternative. It gives you somewhere to relax during the day or in the evening, either alone or with someone else. You can even get hot tubs that you can pack up so you can store them during the colder months.


Create a Cozy Fireplace Area


Some people want their backyard to have a cozy feel. If you like the idea of curling up on a sofa with a blanket, you might want to have a fireplace outside. You can create an area where you can sit by the fire with a drink and chat with friends, or sit there on your own when you need some peace and quiet. While you might not want to light a fire during the day, it can get cool in the evenings during the summer. Plus, you can use your outdoor space at other times of the year too, as long as it’s dry enough. You could go for a large brick fireplace, or something more portable that you can move to wherever you want it.


Cook and Dine Outdoors


Dining outdoors is another fantastic way to enjoy the sanctuary of your garden. If you like living outdoors as much as possible during the spring and summer months, you shouldn’t have to go inside to cook and eat. There are lots of ways you could create a cooking area that suits you, from portable grills to large stone ovens, perfect for cooking pizzas. Even if you don’t enjoy cooking outside, an outdoor dining area works well on your deck or patio. It’s great to create a more social area for your family or maybe to invite your friends for a dinner party or drinks. And you won’t have to worry too much about what you all get up to if you make your yard as private as possible.


Make Your Backyard More Zen


A lot of people like to use their backyard to find some peace. Maybe you like meditating or doing yoga, and being outside makes it even better. If you want to make your backyard more zen, you can do some things to create a more relaxing atmosphere. One option is to add a water feature, which can provide a comforting sound and something relaxing to look at and focus on. You might want to take other ideas from Zen garden designs, like having a rock garden, sand or gravel you can rake, and lots of natural elements.


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Make Everything Leafier


A lusciously green garden is a good choice if you’re trying to create a relaxing sanctuary. It can help to provide more privacy, and it makes your backyard look brilliant too. You can layer the plants you use, so you have plenty of greenery to enjoy. It also helps to soundproof your garden by stopping sound from traveling too far. It can be a good idea to combine planting straight into the ground and using pots and planters. If you use planters, you can give your plants more height. Another idea is to grow plants upwards, perhaps by using trellises, pagodas and other things that allow climbing plants to wind their way up.


Have an Open Space


If you’re trying to make your backyard more private, it can sometimes end up a bit busy. If you want to have some open space too, leave some lawn or perhaps some paving where there are no plants or furniture. You can use the space to sit down for a picnic, do some yoga, play lawn games, or other fun things.


Backyard_Garden_Scene_in_CaliforniaEveryone needs somewhere to go when they want to relax. If you love being outside, make that space your backyard.

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