Saving Money On Grocery Bills

Saving Money On Grocery BillsEveryone is concerned about feeding a family for less. The average family of four in the UK can spend around £77 a week. This cost is expected to increase another 4% within the next decade. This leaves many people wondering how they can save money on groceries and still produce healthy, appetizing meals. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

Shop A Farmer’s Market

One of the greatest ways to save money on produce is to visit a farmer’s market or an outdoor market. These have fresh produce that is a fraction of the cost of supermarket varieties. Farmers always sell their products at a lower cost because they don’t have the overhead of the big stores. This is one way to make sure children get their vegetables and fruits and ensure that there are plenty of pounds left for other things. Use meals that allow for fresh fruits and veggies and get extra to but in the freezer.

Read The Sales Flyer

Most stores send out a sales flyer, or have one online. There are specials they these establishments run each week in a hopes of selling more of the products listed. Plan your meals around what’s on sale. If your family is smaller, make more and put some in the freezer for another night. Then essentially you can justify spending a bit more, as you have created 2 meals for the price of 1. It’s about shopping smarter not harder. You want to make sure that you buy only what’s on sale and avoid higher priced items elsewhere.

Some people will shop at a couple different stores to get the best prices. If there are a few grocery stores in your area, go to get sale items wherever you can. Some stores will honor or price match to other sales ads. If your store will price match, this can be a large saving. Planning around the sales flyer is advisable. You can take advantage of sales even when savings are low with the help of

Menu Plan

So many people go to the store and spend a ton of pounds but don’t have anything to show for it. Make a menu before you go shopping. Use the sales flyer and what you have on hand to come up with an eating schedule. After you have a menu ready, make a grocery list from that to take to the store. Only buy the items on the list and avoid impulse buys.


While the UK typically doesn’t have as many coupons available as the USA, they still can be found. Coupons can be purchased from online auction sites and from coupon clipping services. Use these coupons with the sales items and the menu creation for ultimate savings. Smartphone users can download coupon aps, like Shopitize, that can help get coupons and major savings. To bring your grocery bill down a few pounds, it is going to take some careful preparation, but it will be worth it when you look at your bottom line. Some families get children involved in clipping coupons. This is a learning experience for them too.

Watch The Savings

Grocery shopping is a chore. While saving money is great, you won’t be able to impulse buy and have no preparation. It takes hard work to save money, but it can be done. Have great meals and pay less, just by doing a little homework.  

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