Save Money at the Holidays by Trimming Down Your Christmas Tree Expenses

Besides the inevitable load of holiday gifts, Christmas booze and snacks, and travel related expenses that you will be shelling out in the month of December, one of the other costly things you will be paying for around this festive time is likely to be your Christmas tree.

There are a few factors that you can take into account in order to begin saving more than what you spend on your Christmas tree, while still being able to enjoy the splendor of the season and the atmosphere of joy that the classic fir tree brings with it.

Real live Christmas trees are available for purchase at hundreds of fir tree lots and farms throughout the UK. However, unless you are buying a rooted tree that you plan to replant, or unless you just can’t do without that authentic fir tree smell of pine needles and sap, you will be financially better off by investing in an artificial tree. You must think in terms of long term finances in order for this to make sense, because while a fake tree is likely to cost you a little more in the short term, it will save you a significant amount of money over time. could help you make this initial purchase which would allow you to continue saving over tmany years when you do not have the repeated expense of purchasing a real tree. In addition, you will save time and effort by skipping the care and watering process, eliminating the need to clean up droppings and needles from the tree, and save yourself the chore of recycling, burning up, or otherwise ridding yourself of the real tree come January.

Saving Money on a Real Christmas Tree

If you do, however, decide to go the route of the real Christmas tree, you can still maximize your money by making sure to purchase one that is worthy of the amount of time you can choose to keep it. Make sure to pick a tree that has long, green, healthy looking needles, is heavy and moist in its needles and in its soil, and is free of obvious pest infestations, aphids, or other crawlers. Remember that the larger the container your tree is planted in, the better the life it has had and the longer it is likely to remain healthy and viable.

Real trees that are still in a healthy state after the end of the year festivities should be planted if you have the space in your garden or plot. Alternately, you may wish to consider the option of renting a Christmas tree just for the season. There are several sources in the UK from which you can temporarily rent a fir tree for that express purpose. This option is financially sensibly, and also saves you the time and effort of having to dispose of, plant, or store your Christmas tree after the holidays are over.

Trimming the Tree: Saving on Ornaments and Decorations

Finally, you can save money when it comes time to decorate. Although many people are good about using some of the same ornaments and trimmings year after year, many individuals do still spend a good chunk of change buying unique ornaments and decorations for their tree each December. However, if you are able to make some of these ornaments and baubles yourself, you will have more money left over for other Christmas diversions.

Try stringing popcorn or even cranberries on a thread for a festive and colorful decoration that costs just pence, instead of buying another pricey garland. Try making your own wreath out of pine branches or fake fir tree trimmings and shaping the greenery around a wire hanger that is bent into a circular shape.

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