Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, So Why Move House That Fast?

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As moving day approaches, most of us start to question what we’ve let ourselves in for. In that one short day, you’ll need to clear out your old house, get everything into a van, and unload it at the other end. Not to mention that, if you want any comfort, you’ll need to start unpacking again pretty sharpish. You’ll also need to communicate with estate agents and moving companies. Moving sounding like a bad idea yet? Well, it should.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Admittedly, there will always be some stress. Moving your life was never going to be easy. But, most of us make this task as difficult as possible. Why? Because we try to tackle it in one day. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why should your new home be? With this in mind, the secret to removing stress is merely to spread the job. And, here’s how you can achieve that goal.

Stagger your dates

Many of us arrange to move out on the same day that we get the keys to our new properties. It isn’t always possible to avoid this happening. But, if you do have any room to play with, you should take the chance to move dates around. Even moving out a day after you’ve got your keys would make a huge difference. You wouldn’t have to worry about timing so much this way. Plus, you could start work on your new home before the big day arrives, and still go back to your old property as necessary. If the two are close enough together, it’s well worth doing.

Move belongings slowly

If you manage to stagger your dates, you can also move your belongings slowly. Dropping a few boxes over every time you go out will take off a tremendous amount of pressure. Even if you are moving on the same day, it may be worth looking into self storage which you can rent and use on a temporary basis. You will still have to get all your belongings to the unit. But, you can then collect them as and when it suits to keep stress to a minimum when it matters. This will also ensure that you can get your house sorted without boxes all over the place.


Take it one room at a time


It’s also worth bearing in mind that you should take things one room at a time. If you do decide to move belongings slowly, try to do it in order of rooms. Label your boxes to make this task easier. But, even if that isn’t an option, attempt to unpack and decorate one room at a time. It may be that you have a base with all your boxes in it, and pick relevant ones out when the time comes. However you do it, the one room approach can make the task seem much less daunting. Before you know it, you’ll have a new place to call home.

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