Repurposed Beauty Supplies for Crafting

I was following a tutorial that required a file sander in lieu of sand paper. I couldn’t find any at the craft or dollar store, so I improvised. I dug out the trusty nail file, only to realize the whole kit is useful in making jewelry and crafting in general.

  • Nail File – This is basically a mini sander, which is perfect on small project or edges. You have your standard metal file or sandpaper.
  • Nail Scissors and Clippers– Snip that jewelry wire (providing that it is a thinner gauge), hemp, twine, thread, etc super close. The jewelry tool makes it hard to clip wire close enough to a crimp or hook to not make it noticeable or snag.
  • Nail Polish Remover – Acetone works great for getting super glue off of skin!
A few extra beauty project uses:
  • A powder brush helps brush away sanding or other materials so you can see what is still there.
  • Q tips can help clean off excess glue.


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