Renovation 101: How I Gave My Garage A New Lease Of Life

Let’s face it. Most people don’t think about their garages when they’re renovating their homes. After all; they’re just places to park a car, right? The truth is, your home’s garage can soon look unkempt and neglected.


When that happens, it won’t be a welcoming place to park your pride and joy. Some people don’t even bother parking their vehicles in there anymore! If you’re fed up with the way your garage looks, it’s clear that you need to do something about it.


I’ve written today’s blog post because I’d like to share with you the tips I used in my garage at home. If you’re stuck for ideas or inspiration, I’m sure you’ll find the answers you need in here!

Renovation 101 - How I Gave My Garage A New Lease Of Life



Throw away the trash


Most people keep stuff in their garages and forget about them. You know what I’m talking about; those “useful” tools or items that you’ll find a use for some day. But, all they do is serve to take up much-needed space in your garage.


The solution is simple: throw them away. If they are useful to someone else, clean them up and sell them. The point is you need to remove them from your garage and do something with them!


Give your garage a good clean


Next, you’ll need to deep clean your vehicle’s storage area. In most cases, you will need to use a combination of vacuum cleaners and pressure washers or hoses. It goes without saying that you should cover up any electrical sockets before you start!


It’s an important step to reviving your garage. In my case, I had plenty of cobwebs to remove from mine. I also noticed evidence of critters living rent-free in my garage. The bad news for them is I’ve come to evict them.


Paint the walls and ceiling


Next, you’ll need to get some suitable white paint for your walls and ceiling. Once you’ve applied a couple of coats, you’ll soon notice the transformation!

Renovation 101- How I Gave My Garage A New Lease Of Life



Your garage is starting to look brand new, just like the day it got built. You will have to let the paint dry for a day or two, depending on how warm the weather is outside.


Fit some floor mats


If your car has a few leaks, the last thing you want to do is ruin your garage floor. That’s why it makes sense to cover the area with garage floor mats. Some people assume it’s best just to stick with garage floor paint.


The thing is; floor mats are far superior for many reasons. First, they don’t stain if oil or some other liquid leaks onto them. Second, they are durable. And, third, they are quick and easy to install!


Upgrade to LED lighting


You want to see what you’re doing if you’re in the garage with your car. LED lights are brighter than conventional bulbs and use less power. Consider fitting a few in select locations around your garage for increased illumination.


Fit a remote control garage door


Last, but not least, it’s worth considering a new garage door. But, the difference with your new one should be that it has a remote opening and closing system!


It will make your life easier and more convenient. Especially if it’s raining outside, and you don’t want to get wet! I hope you’ve found my guide useful today. See you soon!

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