Relaxation Station: How To Make Your Garden More Chilled Out

For many people, a manicured garden in the style of Louis XIV is their idea of perfection. But perfectly trimmed hedges and ornate water features don’t exactly lend themselves to relaxation, something that we’re a little short on in the modern world.


Sometimes we need somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world and just chill out. Here are some ways to make your garden more relaxing in the run-up to spring.


Make A Hideaway




The best places in your garden are those that are both quiet and secluded. Having somewhere like a summer cabin which can double as a quiet reading space with plump cushions is ideal. Use natural items like hedges and bushes to block out the surrounding views and the neighbors so that you can relax by yourself in the outdoors.


Create A Space Of Your Own




The next step is to personalize the space and make it your own, just like you would if you were indoors. Things like flower pots arranged on racks, rustic garden ornaments and outdoor furniture, like that featured on, can help enormously to make a space suited to you. The idea should be to accessorize and make an area ideal for practicing meditation or following your artistic passions.


Create Spaces For Walking Barefoot


The spring is the perfect time for kicking back and relaxing in the garden. One way you know that the seasons have changed is when you can go outdoors without shoes and just enjoy nature. But having a space to walk barefoot is important. The best barefoot experiences, according to, are when you walk on decking or on a freshly mowed lawn. Lush lawns are great, but if they’re damaged, you could run into problems. Many lawns end up looking a bit muddy and a bit anemic after the winter, especially if you’ve been walking on them regularly. So it’s a good idea to add some grass seed and some fertilizer now to make sure that the grass comes back strong as the seasons change.




Decking is also a great option for underfoot outdoors. Not only does it add a lot of value to your house, but it’s also warmer and softer than other outdoor materials, like stone and paving. If you don’t want plain decking, you can now get decking with a grass covered-effect to make it look more natural.


Find The Perfect Seat


The best outdoor spaces are those that combine both the comforts of interior living with the beauty of wildlife. Indoors, our seating areas are very comfortable, and so people who want to relax in their gardens should recreate this experience outside. Having great seating means that you can do things like eat al fresco and enjoy life just as you would if you were on holiday. Having outdoor seating allows you to eat in the garden in the evening and have friends over for coffee and cakes.


There are all sorts of different outdoor furniture items on the market. Today, they’re just as stylish and varied as any sofa you could get indoors.

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